Do Chakras Open In Order

Do Chakras Open In Order

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Chakras will open depending on which one you focus on but there is a sequence that gives huge benefit.  If you are at all familiar with the chakras then you will know that these energy centers run the length of the spine and are often talked about in order, from the root chakra all the way up to the crown chakra, at the top of the head.

One of the most common questions when it comes to opening the chakras is whether these powerful energy centers open one after the other. But in truth the way that the chakras will open will largely depend on how you focus your attention. But there is a particular sequence that you can use to open your chakras that will give the most tremendous amount of benefit.

In this article, we will be looking at how to open the 7 chakras and which is the best method of doing this. Since chakras are something that are found in every human being, this is something that will benefit us all.

Where Are The Chakras Located?

Before you can understand the correct way to open the chakras and whether there is a specific formation for this, you will need to understand where these energy centers are locations throughout the human body.

Chakras have an incredible amount of power on both the physical body and the mind and there are 7 chakras in total. These are considered to be the main chakras although there are several others located around the body which may have other effects on your life when they are opened.

The Root Chakra

This is the 1st chakra in the body and lies at the very base of the spine. A lot of people do not realise that the first of the 7 chakras does not sit on the body but rather next to the body; floating just below the perineum.

It’s color is red and it is often linked to how well you are grounded and your very survival on this earth. When it the root chakra is blocked, you may notice that you struggle with financial problems or other baseline issues.

This chakra is commonly unblocked through grounding yoga poses such as one of the several warrior poses or mountain.

The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is located at the base on the abdomen just below the belly button, hence why it is sometimes called the navel chakra. It’s color is orange. This is very closely linked to your reproductive health, but as with all the chakras, it is not just associated with the body. It is also responsible for your creativity and your sensual side.

If this becomes blocked, many would notice that their libido suffered and they would struggle to do anything that required any sort of creative flow. Once again, yoga can help to unblock the sacral chakra and poses like bridge or pigeon are particularly useful.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Right in the center of your body, just around the stomach area, you will find the solar plexus chakra which is associated with your inner energy or fire. There are several ways that a blocked solar plexus chakra can have a negative effect on the body and mind but many people might experience things like excessive eating, fatigue and poor self-esteem.

Turning to yoga once again is an excellent method to restore the energy flow to this area. The color of this chakra is yellow.

The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is located right in the center of the chest, not in the physical location of the heart which is slightly to the side of this part of the body. Many people associate this with a strong green light since this is the color of this powerful center of energy.

Out of all the chakras, this is the one that is linked to love, compassion, joy and a sense of connection with those around you. But it is also important because it is a point of interaction between the low chakras and the higher chakras; a meeting point between all of the 7 chakras, if you will.

If you are looking to restore the life energy to this important part of the body, you can do so with yoga poses designed to open the heart such as camel pose or humble warrior.

The Throat Chakra

The location of the throat chakra is self-explanatory, it sits in the middle of the throat and is blue in color. Out of all the energy centers, this one is most closely related to your ability to express yourself and do so in total loving kindness.

It is important to try and unblock the throat chakra through yoga poses that will physically open this area of the body such as fish pose or plough.

The Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is potentially the most famous of all with a lot of people solely searching to open this one. However, it is important to remember that for the best well being, you should aim to work with each energy centre equally.

The third eye, sometimes called the brow chakra is linked to your intuition, when it becomes blocked, you may find that you are much more narrow-minded than you would like to be or that you are unable to set goals.

Unblocking this can be done through such yoga poses as forward fold. Alternatively, you can place the index finger and the thumb close to your eyes, keeping them closed. Take a few deep breaths and then keeping the eyes closed, try to look up at your third eye. This type of meditation can be very effective and encouraging a good flow of energy to the area.

The Crown Chakra

The color of this chakra is brilliant white or ultraviolet and when it is open, you will find that you are able to connect to your higher self, and all that is in the universe. Rather than feeling as though you are one aspect of the universe, you will realize that all things come together and are one thing.

The best practices for opening your crown chakra are again, yoga and meditation. Lying in corpse pose is said to be especially effective.

What Sequence Should You Use To Open The Chakras?

If you open your chakras, it is vastly important that you do this in the correct sequence. This is because there are certain chakras that may not be able to fully open if other ones have not been previously opened.

Many people may feel that it makes the most sense to start at the base of the spine, going through each chakra one at a time before reaching the crown chakra. One of the most common methods of doing this is through yoga or meditation. Yoga and meditation have long been used in many Eastern cultures and traditions to aid in opening chakras as both practices can help to improve the energy flow to the areas of each chakra.

With this in mind, when you begin your meditation or yoga practice, or any other activity for opening the chakras, there is a particular sequence that can work well.

Third Chakra – The Solar Plexus Chakra

Quite often, our connection with the divine is more closely associated with some of the higher chakras, but what many people do not realise is that this starts with one of the lower chakras.

The solar plexus chakra should always be opened first as this will allow you to gain an understanding of how all life is interconnected. The life force energy flowing into this chakra can have some magnificent effects, one of the most exciting is that aging will slow down.

We don’t mean that opening this chakra will be a replacement for your favourite eye cream. But since opening the solar plexus chakra will help you to see your place in the universe, you will begin to realise your eternal nature. Now you have begun your journey to experiencing fully open chakras, bursting with life force energy; something that yoga and meditation practitioners have aimed for for thousands of years.

Second Chakra – The Sacral Chakra

The next chakra of the body that you should look at opening is the sacral chakra which is often linked to your natural ‘feelings.’ If you have ever heard of someone saying that you should listen to your gut, this has less to do with the physical body and more to do with this chakra.

Opening the sacral chakra allows people to see their fears in a more rational way, perhaps how a higher consciousness would view them. This then allows us to learn from these fears and be ready to move onto grounding ourselves.

First Chakra – The Root Chakra

One of the most exciting things about the Muladhara chakra at the bottom of the spine is that it connects us to our roots; grounding us as it begins to open up. This chakra is the seat of Kundalini and allows for a greater connection to the crown chakra, turning on the Kundalini energy and allowing it to flow freely.

But even if you do not practice Kundalini yoga, this does not mean to say that you cannot work with the first chakra. Opening this third will allow us to live our life to the full.

Since it is so closely associated with our connection to the earth and our survival, once it is open, we will find a new found sense of well being and a desire to make the most of everything and everyone in our life.

Fourth Chakra – The Heart Chakra

A lot of people are terrified of feeling pain and we do not just mean in the physical body but in an emotional sense. Igniting a light in the heart center happens when we allow ourselves to sit with our pain and our deepest emotions and can experience them and then move forward.

Quite often, this chakra is associated with love and compassion and it is true that these traits will become far more prominent when it is open. However, a lot of people do not focus on the one thing that is central to all of us – emotion.

Opening the heart chakra will make you feel much more light and invigorated as you will not be concerned with trying to shoo away uncomfortable feelings but will be able to experience them, analyse them and move forward from all of them. This is an important part of your self realization.

Seventh Chakra – The Crown Chakra

Once you have spent time focusing on yourself, you can then begin to open the seventh chakra and connect with your supreme self, or a higher consciousness.

There is some suggestion that this energy center is associated with the pineal gland and this governs the release of certain hormones. Furthermore, some spiritual practitioners claim that the crown cannot fully open until the left and right brain begin to flow together. This further solidifies the connection between the chakras and the body.

Once you have learned to flow with pain and joy with an open heart chakra, the crown will soon follow.

Sixth Chakra – The Third Eye Chakra

After the seventh chakra opens, this leaves room for your intuition and perception to come online and this is something that a lot of practitioners aim for.

There is a lot of talk online about the power that can be unleashed when the third eye chakra is awakened; it’s not surprising to learn that this is a top search query where chakras are related. However, this is much more than just some supernatural ‘switch’ as many believe it to be but your own personal psychic ability and perception of all things.

It is associated with wisdom and knowledge and this energy center can only be opened once the mind is quiet.

Fifth Chakra – The Throat Chakra

Many yoga and meditation enthusiasts find that the throat chakra is one of the most difficult to open, despite this being the one that receives the least attention. That is because it requires an ability to be able to say things clearly, kindly and concisely; but how can we do that when we do not know our own minds?

It makes sense, therefore, that once you have worked to open your chakras at the third eye and crown, the throat chakra would naturally follow.

In many cases, we do not trust ourselves to communicate our thoughts clearly and with kindness and so we shut off. This can have a huge effect on your self confidence so once this final chakra opens, you may notice that you become a true warrior of communication and confidence.

Are There Any Side Effects?

One of the most common comments about chakra opening is that people are fearful that something will go wrong and while most of the time, things will go well, there may be a few unwanted effects, especially when opening the higher chakras.

More often than not, experiences include vivid dreams or nightmares, disturbances to your sleep, astral projection and an over-investment in all things spiritual.

However, this should not be a reason to deter you from opening your chakras as the pros far outweigh the cons. In terms of the good things that you will experience from opening your chakras, especially when it is done in the correct sequence, you will notice greater physical health, improved cognitive function, better mental health and above all, a greater ability to understand your purpose.


Chakras are centers of energy that run along the entire body right from the base of the spine right through to the top of the head. There are many procedures that you can use to open these chakras but the most common are through yoga and meditation.

Alternatively, you can use healing crystals, essential oils or even attened a professional service such as a reiki practitioner who will help to unblock the chakras for you.

But however, you choose to do this, many are curious as to whether there is a correct sequence that the chakras will open in. In truth, your chakras will open depending on which you work with first.

Many people find that doing this in a specific sequence allows each chakra to open freely since a few of these centers of energy cannot open without others first being unblocked. While a lot of people might think that starting from the root and working up to the head is the best method, this is not always correct.

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