What Is The Thymus Chakra? Activate Your Thymus

What Is The Thymus Chakra? Activate Your Thymus


If you have looked into the chakras, you will likely be familiar with the seven main chakras that run along the length of the spine. However, there are several other energy centers located around the body that are not talked about quite so often.

One of these energy centers is the thymus chakra, which is sometimes called the higher heart chakra due to its position in the upper chest. Activating this chakra can bring many benefits to the body and ignite deep feelings of love and inner peace.

In this article, we are going to be looking at the higher heart chakra, how you can open it, and how your life might change as a result.

What Is The Higher Heart Chakra?

When we are in our mother’s womb one of the first glands to develop is the thymus gland. The thymus gland is associated with the function of the immune system and also contains the unique pattern for your DNA; you might say that this point of the body is what makes you, you!

The higher heart chakra, also called the thymus chakra is located in the upper part of the chest and lies between the heart chakra and the throat chakra. You have likely heard that the heart chakra is associated with love and peace and the thymus chakra also works along these lines.

This center of energy is closely related to love but in this case, is it linked to divine love; a connection with a higher power. This connection is selfless and related to spiritual growth. It is also associated with forgiveness, compassion, and a release of all fear.

One of the most interesting things about the higher heart chakra is that it creates a bridge between your intellect and emotions as such it is known to have a sound healing effect on the ethereal body. It can also help with communication.

The thymus chakra can also have an effect on your life in a much more profound way than you might think. it has a karmic awareness function which will help you to live your life in a much more fulfilling way and let go completely. When we hear about karma, we typically think of receiving a reward or punishment for our action and in a sense, this is true. But karma is a term often thrown around in life without realizing its true meaning.

We would need another article to fully explain karma but in short, it comes from Hindu and Buddhist traditions and is the sum of your actions or life information from a previous life and this life which will decide your future fate.

What Does The Thymus Gland Do?

There have been a lot of links made between various chakras and various glands within the body and this solidifies the fact that, despite the beliefs of some, chakras indeed exist in all of us.

The site of the thymus gland, a part of the lymphatic system, is in the upper chest between the lungs and this gland produces white blood cells which are sometimes called T leukocytes or T lymphocytes. This may sound scientific but in short, these body cells are responsible for maintaining a healthy immune system.

The immune system is essential for fighting pathogens and bacteria that can have a dramatic effect on our well being.

The production of T cells is solely the responsibility of the thymus gland and all of these T cells are produced by the time we reach our teenage years. Once we begin to get older, the gland shrinks and is replaced with fatty tissue. Perhaps this is a reason that so many adults have problems in keeping the thymus chakra open.

What Are The Benefits Of Opening The Higher Heart Chakra?

Working with the thymus chakra is something that can be done by everyone but due to this chakras location, you may find that the area can be sore. EFT practitioners (emotional freedom techniques) often work with the higher heart chakra when they are performing meridian tapping and this soreness is something that they often speak about, aptly naming it ‘the sore point.’

Meridian tapping which is sometimes called EFT tapping is a method used to work with energy and boost it. The technique is simple and involves gently tapping on the spot where the thymus is situated. It is recommended that you do this around 20 to 30 times while taking a slow, deep breath in. Some people will also chant a mantra as they perform this technique.

There are many benefits to opening the thymus chakra but one of the main advantages is that you will experience a deep healing effect and this is because of where the chakra is located near the thymus gland. Since this organ is linked to the immune system, you will notice an improved immune response and this chakra heal immune system dysfunction.

But these are not the only physical benefits of having a healthy higher heart chakra. Since this energy center is located so close to the throat, it will often aid in healing from things such as flu and it will also benefit the thyroid gland. Many people have issues in their life as a result of an unhealthy thyroid and at times these can be debilitating.

It doesn’t stop there, when you have a healthy higher heart chakra, you will also notice an improvement in your overall well being. It has been noted that this chakra has the ability to heal tumors and lower high blood pressure.

If you have ever had problems with sleep, this could be a result of the thymus chakra not being activated, and once open, you might notice that your sleep improves. It can also help to calm those who struggle with feeling irritable.

When you practice energy healing practices such as using heart chakra stones or crystals, you will notice that you are able to make a connection between the physical body and the soul body; this is an extremely powerful connection.

But what is most amazing about this chakra is that the energy will radiate through the physical body, upwards to the crown chakra. Primarily, it will flow to the throat chakra where any problems with communication will be addressed. If you have struggled to find your voice, this could be related to the higher heart chakra, and upon opening it, these issues may be relieved. Once this energy pathway is free, it may continue to flow towards the head and bring relief from physical symptoms such as headaches.

Whether you choose to see an energy healer or use crystals to heal the high heart, you will begin to see changes within yourself too. Every human being is capable of love but as we go through life, our hearts may become cold and we may struggle to feel compassion for our loved ones, especially if we have been through some sort of trauma.

Once you start using your crystals or heart chakra stones to restore this life energy, you will notice greater spiritual growth, a deeper sense of love and compassion especially divine love. Everyone who wants to make a connection to the great divine spirit or a higher consciousness would do well to work with this chakra throughout their life.

Where other people are concerned, you will likely notice a deeper connection with their emotions, unconditional love and also be more receptive to physical contact from those you love. Having this connection with other humans is essential but not all of us find it easy.

How To Activate The Thymus Chakra

Sometimes you may hear people referring to this chakra as the seat of the soul but this term is more commonly used to talk about the soul star chakra which is present above all of us, just above the site of the crown chakra. One of the best ways to activate and heal the higher heart is to use crystals. You may place them on the area or simply carry them around with you to reap their energy.

The best crystals to use for this chakra are thought to be kyanite as this high energy stone is able to remove negative energy without being affected. This stone will also help to relieve any trauma to the energy in this area.

Green calcite is also thought to be very effective for this type of cleansing around both the heart chakra and the thymus. Again, holding at the site of the chakra will allow the high vibrations to radiate through and on up to the higher chakras.

If you are unsure where to start it can help to think about the colors of the stone. Each main chakra in the human body is linked to a color and since the thymus is linked to the heart, which is green, green stones work well. However, pink stones that are associated with love can also help to achieve a healing outcome for the energy field of the thymus.

But healing crystals are not the only way to activate this chakra. Indeed one of the best things you can do to unblock the thymus is to engage in sound therapy. It is believed that this is an effective method due to the area of the body that the thymus is located. Since it sits in a site behind the sternum, this might act as a soundboard of sorts, allowing the sound to reverberate and increase the energy in this area.

You might decide to listen to the spoken word, healing meditations, and other such spiritual resources. However, most commonly, making music or listening to music is said to have the most profound effect on the higher heart chakra. But there is more to this than just sitting quietly and listening. Of course, that will work, but if you want to have a truly deep experience, you should allow yourself to let go; sing, dance and be in the moment.

Meditation and breathing exercises are excellent for opening the thymus and rejuvenating its energy. As you breathe, focus on the point at which the thymus chakra is located and draw energy into it.

Other methods might include movement activities such as tai chi or yoga, both of which can generate and disperse energy to various locations around the body, including the point at which we find the thymus chakra.

Earlier we discussed the tapping technique and this is one of the simplest ways to activating this chakra. You may be concerned that you won’t know when the chakra has been opened but experts claim that you will notice a deep tingling sensation in the area. However, it is important to note that you may not experience this directly after finishing the session, it could take a little bit of time. It is advisable to practice this technique every day, you do not need to spend a lot of time, so it is easy to incorporate into your life and if you wish, you might decide to do this in combination with some of the other methods we have discussed.

Furthermore, those who have opened their higher heart may notice an overall feeling of happiness, which is fitting since this is something referred to as being the ‘happiness spot.’


Most people are familiar with the seven main chakras that run the length of the body including the root chakra, the solar plexus, the third eye, and so forth. However, a lot of people are unaware of some of the lesser-talked about chakras including one which sits just above the heart chakra, known as the thymus or higher heart.

It gets its name from its location next to the thymus gland which is an important part of our bodies and creates T cells that help the immune system to function correctly.

This chakra is associated with benefits for both the physical body as well as our connection with a higher power and our ability to experience a divine love. It will also help us to connect on a more profound level with those we care about, engaging in forgiveness, compassion for other peoples’ emotions, and physical touching.

Much like the other chakras, this one needs to be activated and open so that the energy can flow freely. When we work with it, we are able to maintain a healthy flow and experience all of the advantages that this energy center can bring. You are the owner of your life and your spirituality and opening this chakra will certainly help you to be more in control of this.

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