Full List of Hospitals That Use Reiki In The US

Full List of Hospitals That Use Reiki In The US


Reiki is a popular alternative therapy and whilst it is not offered everywhere, there are more and more hospitals that are providing this type of service. This is largely because modern medical practitioners are coming to realise the benefits of alternative therapies such as Reiki.

In this post, we will provide you with an exhaustive list of all the hospitals that use reiki as alternative medicine in the USA.

What Are The Benefits Of Reiki?

Reiki is a type of energy healing that initially came from Japan. There are many benefits to the practice and it can be extremely useful on its own or alongside other treatments.

In the main, Reiki can help to relieve pain, anxiety, depression, and stress. Furthermore, it is widely accepted that Reiki can help to improve symptoms of other physical conditions and ease suffering for those with chronic illnesses. For this reason, it is frequently used with cancer patients and those who have overcome the disease such as in breast cancer survivorship; it serves as a way to improve mood.

Full List Of Hospitals That Use Reiki In The USA

The University of Maryland Medical Center

The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Ohio is a center that will offer reiki treatments to patients as integrative medicine. They also offer Reiki sessions to heart patients and as complementary therapies to conventional cancer treatment. The staff of the center for integrative medicine for one reiki practitioner.

The Brigham Women’s Hospital Boston

The Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts offer a Reiki treatment in their cancer center as a complement to conventional treatment. Reiki sessions are offered to nurses and the practice of Reiki is mentioned in a cancer handbook for coping with pain. Peri-operative nurses will share information about Reiki with their colleagues when discussing complementary therapies and Reiki is studied where men’s health, particularly prostate cancer, is concerned.

Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore

Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland offer Reiki as part of a wider program of complementary therapies and the practice is featured in the education of nurses at the school of nursing.

Massachusetts General Hospital Boston

Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston Massachusetts provides information on Reiki as a continued part of the nurses’ education.

Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital New York

The Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York, New York offer Reiki treatments to children as part of a wider selection of alternative therapies alongside traditional cancer treatments.

Yale-New Haven Hospital New Haven

Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut offers alternative therapies including Reiki to both heart patients and their families. These are also offered to cardiology patients as complementary care as well as to cancer survivors. The hospital also makes a point of recruiting Reiki practitioners.

Harvard University, Harvard Medical School Boston and Cambridge

Harvard University, Harvard Medical School Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts – Reiki therapies are offered at the Harvard cancer center by highly qualified Reiki practitioners such as David Rosenthal MD. Reiki treatments are also on offer to everyone from the university health services. The hospital recommends Reiki as a best practice for insurance purposes. Other alternative therapies are offered and a detailed hypothesis is available that mentions the benefits of therapies including Reiki.

Columbia University Medical Center, New York

Columbia University Medical Center, New York, New York provide alternative therapies including Reiki for patients who have been referred by the surgical department. The treatments are also available to cardiothoracic surgery patients and Reiki services are offered to employees as part of dedicated well being days.

New York University Medical center New York

New York University Medical center offers Reiki treatments to young people and children with a blood disorder to cancer and are also offered to pediatric patients in ambulatory care. Patients with certain disabilities, notably women and those with multiple sclerosis may be able to work with Reiki practitioners at this hospital.

Concord Hospital in Concord, New Hampshire

Concord Hospital in Concord, New Hampshire provide Reiki therapy to patients who require end of life care.

Cooper University Hospital New Jersey

Cooper University Hospital have the Copper Cancer Institute in Voorhees, New Jersey where Reiki treatments are given as a complementary therapy to conventional cancer treatment.

Lowell General Hospital Massachusetts

Lowell General Hospital in Lowell Massachusetts provide Reiki treatment alongside cancer treatments.

St Joseph Hospital New Hampshire

St Joseph Hospital in Nashua, New Hampshire is part of the university health network that provides Reiki treatments to patients undergoing conventional cancer treatment.

Washington Hospital Center Washington DC

The Washington Hospital Center in Washington DC also gives Reiki therapies as a complementary therapy for cancer patients.

York Hospital York 

York Hospital in York, Maine allows patients time with a Reiki practitioner both before and after surgery.

St Mary’s Hospital Amsterdam 

St Mary’s Hospital in Amsterdam, New York has a number of Reiki treatments at their center for alternative and complementary therapies.

George Washington University Washington

The George Washington University Medical Center provides Reiki treatments alongside a traditional medicine program.

California Pacific Medical Center San Francisco

In San Francisco, the California Pacific Medical Center offers two types of Reiki service including bodywork and clinical massage.

The Children’s Hospital Boston

The Children’s Hospital Boston in Boston, Massachusetts gives child patients Reiki treatments as part of integrative medicine and therapy.

Saint Agnes Medical Center Fresno

Reiki treatments are offered to those attending the Saint Agnes Medical Center in Fresno, California.

Hawaii Pacific Health Wilcox Memorial Hospital Lihue

The Hawaii Pacific Health Wilcox Memorial Hospital in Lihue, Hawaii offers complementary therapies including Reiki as part of their patient support services.

Hartford Hospital Hartford

The Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut provides a number of Reiki options for patients in all aspects of health care.

Stamford Hospital Stamford

The Stamford Hospital in Stamford, Connecticut delivers a choice of treatments including Reiki to all of its patients.

The Windham Hospital Willimantic

In Connecticut, the Windham Hospital in Willimantic provides integrative health care services which include alternative treatment including Reiki.

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center Englewood, New Jersey

The Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in Englewood, New Jersey offer a selection of complementary therapies including relaxation, healing, and massage; Reiki treatments are included in this.

Carroll Hospital Center  Westminster, Maryland

Carroll Hospital Center in Westminster, Maryland offers a range of complementary health care treatments to all patients including Reiki.

South San Diego Veterinary Hospital

The South San Diego Veterinary Hospital is one of the few animal medical centers to give Reiki in hospitals for animals in their unique approach to pet care.

A Brief History Of Reiki In Hospitals

One of the areas that require improvement where hospitals that offer their patients Reiki is concerned is registering their services. If some sort of registry was required, it would be a lot easier to understand where you could go to access Reiki in hospitals. Many facilities that give Reiki do so on the condition that they have the correct funding for this type of alternative therapy and to employ qualified Reiki practitioners. However, there are a lot of Reiki treatments being offered in hospital settings that are done by volunteers. The good news is that in these instances, the Reiki treatments are totally free of charge, whereas if they were performed by a Reiki master who required paying, these treatments would need to be either covered by insurance; which can only be done if the Reiki treatments are being used as part of a wider treatment plan such as alongside conventional cancer treatments, or would need to be funded by the patients.

However, Reiki treatments are so popular and many patients greatly understand their benefits and as such are usually willing to part with the cash it takes to access these treatments in hospitals.

That being said, there are many nurses who have undergone Reiki training and are taking part in continuing education, United States hospitals and medical centers provide. While they do not practice Reiki exclusively, they may offer Reiki treatments alongside other things like conventional cancer treatments.

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