3 Favorite Guided Grounding Meditation Scripts (FREE Scripts)

3 Favorite Guided Grounding Meditation Scripts (FREE Scripts)

3 guided meditation scripts

Doing meditation for grounding is one of the greatest ways to become one with yourself, get away from the world and allow yourself to reset for a moment or two. But coming up with your own meditation can feel like the most daunting thing in the world, especially if you are new to the practice.

Fortunately, there are millions of guided meditation scripts out there and we have got three of the best here for you in this article. Unfortunately there are some guided sessions that do not have as great an effect but these are sure to help you in your search to become truly grounded.

So whether you are working with clients as a meditation teacher or want to take a moment to yourself, choose a grounding meditation script from our selection and get started – best of all; they’re completely free!

What Is A Grounding Meditation Script Used For?

Grounding is a way to make a connection to the earth and take advantage of the healing effects of its electrical charge and whilst this can be done as a standalone activity, many people like to combine this with relaxation and meditation techniques.

Doing a grounding meditation can help you to feel more relaxed. On top of this, it can help you to focus the mind and remain in the present moment which can be difficult for even the most experienced meditators. What’s more, this type of practice will let you feel more balanced and aware; oftentimes the mind is so busy that we cannot imagine feeling calm but guided meditations can help.

Guided meditation scripts are great for you to record and playback while you sit in your favorite meditation place or are brilliant for those who teach meditation and give you and step by step guide to making your clients feel more grounded.

In the main, you would perform a grounding meditation while sitting on the ground as this will allow you to use the electric charge of the ground.

What Do You Say When Leading A Meditation?

Leading a meditation may look like a simple task, to begin with, but if you have never done it before, you might feel quite intimidated by the thought.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are leading a meditation is that you should never say anything that might cause your clients to lose focus. This means that you should avoid anything that will take them out of their deep meditative state and back into the ‘real world.

There are three things that you will do in a guided meditation script; give instructions, make space or give a cue. To begin with, you will deliver the instructions, this might be phrases such as:

Take a deep breath

Close your eyes

Bring your attention to your hands

These should be simple and to the point, overexplaining could lead to your students feeling like they cannot retain focus. Keep everything in the present and try not to move away from the mediation or allow the students to make a connection with anything other than what they are currently doing.

What Is The Right Amount Of Time For Meditating?

Most people are incredibly busy so preparing a guided meditation should work around this. Most practitioners will tell you that as little as five minutes of meditating every morning can yield positive results. However, if you can manage more, that is great.

For those that struggle to concentrate, a shorter practice done multiple times in any 24 hour period is preferable to attempting to sit for an hour at a time but not being able to focus at all. These practices that we have put together have been designed to be done in a few minutes.

Guided Meditation Scripts

Now that we have a good sense of what a grounding meditation involves and how it can help us, why not choose a grounding meditation script for your next practice? We have put together a selection of 3 of the best free meditation script options that will help you to ground and relax.

You can use these to guide your class of meditation students, or you can memorise each step and practice these techniques by yourself. One of the most important things to remember is that these practices should ideally be done while you are making contact with the earth. This is the best way to combine the healing power of nature with the age-old technique of meditating.

Guided Meditation To Ground On The Earth

Find a comfortable place to sit on the ground, you might also lay the body down if you find that this is more comfortable. To begin with, you may gently place your hands on the earth and make a connection with it – feeling it on your hands. Let yourself become aware of how the earth supports you. When you are ready, go ahead and close your eyes.

Place your attention on your back and sit up straight but make sure that you are comfortable and now imagine the earth rising up to meet your body, offering support. Now imagine that this support is moving up and around you. You see it lifting you and coursing through your body.

Think about how every minute of every day, the earth is there for you, pay attention to the feeling of its constant support and notice how it will catch you every time you fall. Pause for a few moments and notice how you feel. When you are ready, take a deep breath in and out and when you feel calm and centred, open your eyes.

Stay in your seat for a minute, there is no need to get back to life just yet; take the time to bask in this feeling of relaxation and reconnect with yourself.

Grounding Meditation Script To Ground With The Sun

On a sunny day, find a place outside where you can create a connection with the earth; put your bare feet on the ground, sit on the earth or recline the body and connect the entire self.

You may close the eyes or keep them open if you feel as though this will allow you to be grounded more easily. Let yourself become aware of the way the warm sun feels on your body. Thoughts will enter your mind but gently push them to one side after acknowledging their presence.

Move your awareness to your chest and notice how it feels in this area; the feeling of the warmth as you are breathing in and out. Spend a minute or two keeping your awareness on this spot – how does it feel?

Now imagine that this warmth within the chest is starting to grow until it spreads throughout your entire body. Pause for a moment while you see it in your mind’s eye moving out across your torso, down through the legs and all the way to your feet. From the feet into the toes. You see the warmth and light filtering down through your arms and up to the head; deep inside every pore of your being.

Now open your eyes and pause for a few moments, give yourself the time to reconnect with the world around you and pick up on how you now feel much more grounded, the sense of connection between your feet and the earth. Relax and go through the rest of your day feeling confident, secure and bright.

Grounding Meditation to Relax And Get Away From A Busy Mind

Begin by locating somewhere that you can sit on the earth, or place a chair on the ground and sit with your feet touching it. Find a comfortable position and softly close the eyes. You feel safe and alive right in the here and now and you will use this time to bring your attention to the present moment.

As you sit, focus on your breathing, remain calm and take long, deep breaths. Keep your back straight and concentrate on your breathing. Use the breath to keep your focus as you begin to pay attention to how the earth is supporting your body. From the tips of your toes, to the top of your head, every part of your is supported. As you breath in, you may feel the earth rising up to offer you more support.

Now pause and observe any thoughts in your mind, don’t interact with them but let them pass by. After this slight pause, bring your concentration back to the breath and slowly breathe in, and pause while you hold the breath. Now breathe out slowly, stay calm. Repeat this process four more times, breathing in, take a pause and breathing out. Use the focus on the breath any time that those thoughts reenter your mind.

Now move your awareness to the chest and imagine each deep breath filling you up, you should feel a fullness in the body and this simple sensation will allow you to relax and like all of your anxieties have moved. As you transition back into your day, any time that you feel like anxiety is taking over, return to that feeling of fullness and take a minute to reconnect with it.


Grounding scripts are a great tool for both meditation teachers and students alike, but particularly anyone who wants to run their own sessions. These 3 simple yet effective scripts provide you with 3 great ways to perform grounding through meditation. A five minute pause in your day will allow you to practice one of these techniques leaving you stress-free and with a sense of all around health and vitality.


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