How Do You Balance Your Chakras? ( Step By Step Guide )

How Do You Balance Your Chakras? ( Step By Step Guide )


You may have heard about the chakras, even if you are not into meditation and spirituality because right now, this is a seriously hot topic and for good reason.

The chakras are energy centers in all of us that, when balanced can lead to a healthier and happier life.

In this article, we will be looking at how you can effectively balance your chakras and the benefits of doing so.

What Are The Chakras?

The word chakra comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and directly translates to mean wheel and when you look at the chakra system, it becomes clear as to why this is. The chakras are energy centers that resemble a wheel and are largely related to your overall health and how things manifest in your life.

Each of the chakras corresponds to various organs, nerves and aspects of your life. They run along the spine and while there are several ‘mini’ chakras located in the hands and other areas of the body, the seven main chakras are the root chakra, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. Furthermore, each of the chakras has a corresponding color with the root chakra being red in color and subsequent chakras following the colors of the rainbow until you reach the crown chakra which is considered ultra-violet or sometimes white as this chakra is considered to be our connection with the universe or the divine.

When the chakras are open, they are considered to be functioning well. Yet when they become blocked or unbalanced, this can have a direct impact on your life and health. You may feel lethargic, depressed, lose your libido and experience issues with remaining grounded.

It is widely accepted that there are things you can do to reignite this life energy and begin healing your chakras. Whilst balancing your chakras has roots in the Hindu tradition, it is now done in a secular sense as more and more people are gaining an awareness of the importance of balancing your chakras.

How To Balance Your Chakras?

There are many ways in which you can begin balancing the chakras and how you choose to do this is entirely up to you. Many people like to perform a chakra meditation while others prefer an alternative technique, anything like this can work and you might choose to perform a combination of techniques.

One of the most favored ways to unblock a chakra is to use a chakra meditation and these are widely available if you like to follow a guided meditation. This can directly address a chakra imbalance and is easy to incorporate into your regular meditation practice. This type of energy healing is good for the mind, body and is a good way of promoting self care.

If you prefer, there is the option to do chakra balancing through the use of essential oils. Most commonly, you would choose an oil that corresponded with the color of the chakra that you are healing. For example, to heal the heart chakra which is green, you might choose Marjoram. Alternatively, since the heart chakra is connected with love and joy, you may feel like using rose oil will work well.

There are certain yoga poses that are known to help with healing the chakras and depending on which chakra needs balancing would depend on the yoga pose you would use. For example, the throat chakra can be effectively balanced through cobra pose whereas the root chakra might benefit from sitting in an easy pose and chanting.

Where chanting is concerned, you can do this alongside yoga poses or a chakra meditation. One of the best things to do is to chant the corresponding vibration for each chakra:

  • Root – LAM
  • Sacral – VAM
  • Solar plexus – RAM
  • Heart – YAM
  • Throat – HUM
  • Third eye – AUM
  • Crown – AUM

This corresponds with the vibrations that each of the energy flow in the chakras creates and can serve as a great way to raise energy levels and improve your overall well being. You should chant whilst placing your awareness on each chakra.

Alternatively, you could use chakra affirmations which are mantras for healing the chakras. For example, to improve the life energy of the solar plexus chakra, one might use affirmations like ‘I am growing and learning.’

Many people also find that their bodies benefits from using healing stones and these can be used to raise the frequency of your chakras, therefore acting as an energy healer. Once again, the color of the stones would need to correspond to that of the chakra. A good example would be to heal the heart energy center by using a piece of green aventurine or for balancing the third eye, a piece of clear quartz is ideal.

What Are The Benefits Of Balancing The Chakras?

The benefits of balancing the chakras are incredible, and there are many. You will notice that as you go through the human experience that is life, you will sometimes feel on top of the world whereas other times you have frequent issues with your health, body and mind. This is likely in relation to chakra balancing, when your chakras are balanced, you will feel more alive and have a greater level of energy and vitality. Conversely, when the need healing, your body will suffer.

Some of the advantages that you will notice when you practice chakra balancing for the chakra system might be as follows.

  • When the root chakra has a good energy flow, you will notice that you feel more trusting of those around you and more secure in your life in general. You might also feel more in tune with nature and as though your navigation through life is easier. You will also feel connected to the earth and be able to remain grounded.
  • Balancing your sacral chakra will bring many benefits including a healthier sex life as well as being much more creative. This energy center is considered to relate to your creativity but can also help you to feel greater emotions. Your lower digestive system will also function better with a good energy flow in this center.
  • When the solar plexus chakra is balanced, you will likely feel much more confident but this won’t come off as arrogance to others. You will also find that you are more easily able to make clear decisions without being unable to trust your gut feelings.
  • The heart chakra, when balanced will allow you to feel greater compassion to others and a deeper sense of love and joy. Your body will benefit physically since your immune system will function better and you will have fewer problems with blood pressure and circulation.
  • The throat chakra, when balanced will allow you to communicate your needs effectively and will also allow you to listen to the needs of other people, therefore, raising your awareness of what other people need.
  • When you practice balancing the third eye chakra, you will become aware of your intuition and be able to trust it. You will be able to see things clearly and some people even develop a personal power relating deeply to intuition, sometimes referred to as being psychic.
  • The crown chakras is related to the universe and our connection with a power that is greater than our personal power; it relates to the idea of all energy being intertwined and brings out chakra system in line with things that are far greater. In short, when your crown chakra is balanced, you will feel deeper sense of spirituality, wisdom and a connection to your higher self. Physically, you body will benefit from fewer headaches.


The chakra is an energy center and there are seven main chakras running from the base of the spine to the top of the head and contribute to our well being. Balancing the chakras allows you to feel better in yourself thanks to an unblocked flow of energy.

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