How Do You Charge Chakra Crystals? ( Embrace The Power Of The Sun )

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Many people use chakra crystals as a way of removing blockages within these energy centers. However, over time, the stones may become filled with negative energy and this means that they need to be charged. But unlike your cellphone or laptop, charging your chakras crystals does not involve plugging them into the mains.

One of the best ways to cleanse your crystals for healing purposes is through the power of sunlight. This vibrant energy from the sun is an ideal charging method but you might also use the energy from the full moon.

In this article, we are going to be looking at the best cleansing methods to charge your crystals and make the most of their healing properties.

What Are Chakra Crystals?

Chakra crystals or stones are naturals pieces of stone that have come from the earth and these contain subtle energies or vibrations. Since the chakras are energy centers, you need to make sure that the energy is allowed to flow but sometimes, there may be a blockage.

Crystal healing is super effective at restoring the energy flow of the chakras because of their natural ability to alter the vibrations and remove blockages, therefore balancing the energies and restoring our state.

When the chakras are not balanced, you will notice many negative issues in the body and throughout your life. There are specific crystals that can be used with each chakra. For example a green crystal for the heart or a red crystal for the root.

Why Do I Need To Cleanse And Charge Crystals?

The effect of negative energies on your chakra stones will make them less powerful for healing so it is important that you take the time for regular cleansing. Doing this will allow you to restore the stone to its natural state, making its healing energies much more potent once again.

If your crystals are charged, they will be able to provide better benefits for your body and keep each chakra balanced more easily. You will then experience positive things like stress relief, better health and improved mood as well as helping your personal growth.

How To Cleanse Your Chakra Crystals

There are a variety of ways that you can perform a crystal cleansing and many of these are available to you without having to source any special equipment. One of the most common ways to cleanse and charge your crystals is to use the moonlight, particularly from the full moon; a full moon has far more moonlight than any other type of moon. However, you might also use the healing energies of the sun to charge your crystals as well as a whole host of other methods for gemstones including using water and the earth. So let’s take a look at these in a little more detail.

Harness The Power Of The Sun

Natural light is important in many areas of life so it is little wonder that negative energy can be removed from your stones using sunlight. Throughout history, people have worshipped the sun and noticed its incredible effects.

The best way to use the sunlight to charge your crystals is to find a clean and soft site to place your crystal where it will be in direct sunlight. However, many experts suggest that you should use another style of cleansing before this to ensure that the crystals are not adversely affected by this powerful energy.

Furthermore, you will need to make sure that you are using the right type of stone as not all stones will be suitable for being charged this way. You can use the natural rays to charge crystals of a volcanic origin or those that are hard. However, softer and more delicate stones like selenite might benefit from a gentler charging.

The good news is that the moon can be just as effective yet softer on your delicate crystals.

Using The Light Of The Moon

Sunlight is what causes the moon to glow so you will still get a decent charging for your crystals when using it but it is much softer.

The moon is often associated with deep emotions and is a great style of charging crystals for a deeper and more intense cleanse.

The way in which you do this is pretty much the same as using sunlight, only this time, you would place the stones under the moonlight for charging. A lot of people like the thought that the moon is linked to a closer connection to spirit guides and opt for this method when they charge crystals for unblocking the higher chakras such as the crown chakra for your relationship with the universe or the third eye which is known to help intuition.

You might also wish to think about when you will use this method as charging the crystals under a full moon will be much more powerful. The full moon occurs once every lunar cycle, and you can expect to see a full moon around every 29 days. What’s even better about this full moon method is that most people would agree that your crystals need to be charged around once a month. This is perfectly fitting with the full moon.

Use Earth Energy

There is a lot of positive energy that radiates from the earth and so when it comes to charging crystals, this is a very good idea. Even better, there are a lot of ways that you can use the energy of the earth to cleanse the crystals.

A great way of using this energy is simply to bury your crystal in the ground. Other people might like to place the crystals onto a soft cloth and onto the ground. You can do this anywhere in nature such as in a field, in the woods or on the beach. But if you don’t have access to any of these, you can just as easily harness this positive energy by placing your crystal healing stone on the ground in your back yard.

The important thing is to give your crystals time. A lot of people have good intentions where charging is concerned but fail to leave the stones long enough. As a general rule, 12 hours should be the minimum that you leave a crystal on the earth.

Use Water

There are four main elements, earth, air, fire, and water and it would be wise to assume that each of these has the ability to cleanse a crystal. There are two ways that you can use water for charging; running water or salt water, and of course, the best option to source the latter is by going to the ocean.

But at times, this is not possible so you can make a salt mix using sea salt or rock salt and combining it in a bowl of water. Make sure that your crystal is fully submerged and again, leave it for 12 hours to undergo a healing and cleansing process.

Alternatively, you could pop your crystal, perhaps a piece of quartz, under some running water, you might use tap water or a natural source like a stream. Quartz and other hard stones will take this well and the flow will neutralize bad energy, however, you should not use softer stones for this option.


For this style of crystal charging, you will need to use either sage or palo santo, which is a wood found in South America. The most important part of this ritual is setting an intention. Intentions help to solidify the reason for the practice and give it meaning. In this case, your intentions would be to cleanse and clear the crystal or crystals.

Once the intention for the crystals has been set, you will need to take your smudge sticks and light them. You don’t need fire for this, it is the smoke that will produce the results.

Use this smoke to pass over the crystals and take away any negative energy out of each crystal. You can keep repeating your intentions out loud throughout this process but if you prefer to be silent, that is fine too. However, at the end of the process, you should recite the intention at least once.

Other Crystals

It is perfectly viable to use other crystals for clearing the crystals that you use for chakra healing. There are two main options; you can use larger stones such as a crystal cluster or quartz cluster and rest the smaller crystal on top. The larger crystals will remove bad energy from the smaller crystals and this is a very effective option.

Alternatively, you can use smaller crystals. In this case, you would place the smaller crystals into a bowl and pop your chakra crystals on top.

Similar to the other ways we have looked at, it is important to leave the crystals for at least a few hours. Each crystal will benefit greatly if it can be left for longer times.


If you don’t want to use light, a full moon or the earth to heal your crystals, there is another thing you can do for crystal cleanses.

The crystal will react to a sound bath and you can cleanse crystals like this in several ways.

  • Tuning fork
  • Bells
  • Singing bowls

This works because the vibration from the sound works with the vibration from the crystal. Every time a sound wave passes over the crystal it brings the crystals energy in line with its own.


Whether you want to open your heart chakra or balance your solar plexus chakra, crystals are very effective. Each crystal must be cleansed and charged to ensure that they are effective and this can be done in several ways.

You might put the crystal into the light of a full moon or cleanse it with water but one of the most effective and powerful ways is to use sunlight!

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