I Answer The Question: What Is Distance Reiki? (Pros & Cons)

I Answer The Question: What Is Distance Reiki? (Pros & Cons)

distance reiki

You have likely heard of Reiki which is a Japanese healing technique that has found its way into the Western world and many people are now familiar with the benefits of Reiki sessions. However, were you aware that distance Reiki sessions might be just as effective?

Distance Reiki involves the Reiki practitioner to conduct a healing session and send healing energy through time and space.

In this article, we are going to be looking at how a person might experience distance Reiki and what the benefits of this practice are.

How Is Distance Reiki Different From Regular Reiki?

Reiki healing is a therapy that uses life force energy to benefit clients and improve their levels of wellness. The treatments can provide stress relief, relaxation and can help to improve several health conditions, not by healing them but by bringing relief to their bodies. The Reiki master would perform the treatment session by working with the energy field of the recipient and sending energy matter through their hands into the body.

However, there may be some clients that are unable to attend the healing session in person but thanks to distance Reiki, the Reiki energy is still available to these patients.

When training in Reiki healing, practitioners come to understand the power of the distance symbol. This symbol can be invoked by the practitioner who can use it to send distant healing Reiki energy to their patients. This Reiki energy can travel across time and space, so no matter where the practitioner may be in relation to the recipient, they can send Reiki healing to them.

When Would You Use Distance Reiki?

Distance healing is said to work with an ancient concept known as the hermetic law of similarity which dictates that since we are all made of energy, we must all be connected through this energy matter. When the Reiki practitioner connects to this healing space, they are able to enter into the energy field of their client.

All of this is achieved by invoking the distance symbols that we discussed earlier allowing distant Reiki sessions to take place all over the world with the effects being the same as if the client and practitioner were in the same room.

How Does A Distance Reiki Treatment Work?

It is entirely possible to sen Reiki to someone no matter where they are, however, the thought of most practitioners dictate that you should gain permission from the person before you perform a distant Reiki session or distant healing.

Your Reiki healing practitioner will likely gain access to your energy body by using a photo of you as well as a selection of healing crystals; something that a healer will often work with. However, there are some who believe that this is not necessary as you can also perform a distant Reiki session by simply sending your thoughts towards the person.

As your healer sends Reiki healing to you, which can also be done over the phone, you may begin to notice various sensations in your body and some have described this as a tingling feeling; this is likely the energy moving through your body.

While the person performing the Reiki session will be unable to transfer energy by putting their hands on you, distant Reiki works on a different level. The person can simply think about the area that they wish to perform the treatment on and you will experience a general feeling of wellness in the area and as we help to relieve pain, discomfort, and other symptoms.

Does Distance Reiki Clear The Chakras?

Reiki works with energy and since the chakras are energy centers this means that your Reiki practitioner will be able to perform a treatment to cleanse the chakras all through the healing power of the mind.

Each chakra is located at a different point along the spine, the root chakra at the bottom and the crown chakra at the top of the head. While we may not notice it, these centers of energy are vibrating all the time, and the ways in which we experience health and life could be affected when these are not functioning correctly.

Thankfully, you can help this by allowing a Reiki healer to send healing energy which will liberate these energy wheels. It works by recirculating the energy and can be just as easily done using distant Reiki as it can when using Reiki one on one.

These treatments would benefit you in several ways; your mind would feel clearer and you would have a greater sense of wellness, less fatigue and a much lower stress level.

Does Distant Reiki Work?

The idea of distant Reiki might sound a little strange, especially if this is the first time you are hearing about it. It is important to think about a person as more than their physical body; there is a soul and this is a form of energy. Since everything is made up of energy, this must mean that everything, and everyone is connected. Using this thinking, it would make sense that sending someone Reiki energy through healing sessions is entirely possible.


Reiki has been used for almost 100 years and while many people will head to one of the many practitioners for their sessions, this is not always possible.

However, the idea of distant Reiki comes from the fact that since energy is an infinite resource and we are all made up from energy, a Reiki healer is able to send this healing energy across time and space without limitation.

This means that you can take your Reiki treatments from the same person no matter where you are in the world. Your session might be conducted over the telephone or someone can simply send energy for healing to you by thinking of you or looking at your picture.

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