Does Grounding Work With Socks? (Meditation Grounding Socks & Shoes) | Wear Socks?

Does Grounding Work With Socks? (Meditation Grounding Socks & Shoes) | Wear Socks?

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Are you seeking to explore the myriad benefits of grounding, but find yourself often trapped in a concrete jungle? Or perhaps you’re a devoted practitioner who’s heard whispers about grounding shoes and meditation socks and wonder if they are more than a fanciful trend. Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, we all face the same existential query: “Does grounding really work with socks?” The answer to this question is not only crucial for millions of grounding practitioners around the world, but i

Are you seeking to explore the myriad benefits of grounding, but find yourself often trapped in a concrete jungle? Or perhaps you’re a devoted practitioner who’s heard whispers about grounding shoes and meditation socks and wonder if they are more than a fanciful trend. Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, we all face the same existential query: “Does grounding really work with socks?” The answer to this question is not only crucial for millions of grounding practitioners around the world, but it could also unravel a novel way to connect with Earth’s energies right in the comfort of your living room. Today, we’re delving into the science, the studies, and the stories to uncover the truth about grounding with socks and shoes. Our findings may just inspire your next step towards a more grounded life, literally and metaphorically! Grounding requires you to make some sort of contact with the earth and in doing so, you will notice many health benefits. It is possible to do grounding without walking barefoot on the earth and wearing a sock and since the feet will naturally sweat, they may become slightly more conductive for electricity. In this article, we are going to be looking at earthing or grounding in a lot more detail and finding out the best way to perform this practice, giving you all of the information you will need to know to get started. We are also going to be exploring some of the very best grounding socks if you feel that this is one of the earthing products that would benefit your practice.

What Surfaces Can You Ground On?

Grounding requires you to be connected to the earth. It would therefore stand to reason that you would not benefit from the earth s energy by standing with bare feet on a manmade surface. However, there are also some surfaces that are not entirely manmade but feature natural materials that are still not very conductive. These include wooden and asphalt surfaces which, despite being made from natural materials are not very conductive. In contrast, there are many natural surfaces that are ideal for walking barefoot and are also very comfortable. Since we have become so used to walking with soled shoes, it can seem somewhat abhorrent that we would then walk with bare feet along the ground. Grass, sand and soil are all very conductive and excellent for doing earthing grounding outside. Provided that your feet touch the earth, you will likely notice a lot of health benefits for your body. However, some people simply do not like to walk barefoot and this is fine since you can also do earthing grounding by lying on the sand at the beach or making the most of earth s natural surface by relaxing on the grass at the park. Again, the important thing is that you make direct contact with the earth, It may come as a surprise to learn that despite being somewhat manmade, concrete is an effective surface for grounding and you will likely notice the benefits of earthing if you walk barefoot along a concrete piece of ground.

Can You Wear Socks While Grounding?

Whatever your reason for wanting to cover your feet while you do your earthing practice, it is perfectly viable. In fact, it may surprise you to learn that since the feet sweat quite a bit, they are one of the most conductive parts of the body. It is for this reason that we are taught that grounding works best when we connect our feet to the earth – and yes, most people will tell you that the best way to harness the earth s energy is by standing barefoot, if you want to pop on a pair of socks then there is no reason why this should drastically affect your practice. We do have to point out, however, that where you can, grounding barefoot is always going to be the most effective way of healing the body and reaping the benefits for your health that grounding that give you.

Types Of Grounding Products

If you do not want to take part in grounding by removing your soled shoes and heading outside to walk barefoot, there are several earthing products that you might like to use. In the main, you will find things such as earthing mats, sometimes referred to as grounding mats. You will also see wristbands, patches, mattresses and much more. However, we have been really excited about the number of earthing sock and shoe products on the market that appear to be extremely effective.

Grounding Socks And Shoes

Now that you are familiar with the idea that you do not always have to do grounding barefoot, you might be ready to take a look at some of the excellent earthing products that are on the market at the moment. Whether you are looking for some grounding socks or a pair of comfortable grounding shoes, there are plenty of things out there that you can use when you want to ground, without having to use the traditional bare feet approach.

Premium Conducting Socks

These are a one size fits all product which is excellent because usually when you make an online purchase, finding the right size can always be a little tricky and you certainly want to feel comfortable when you are earthing. They also come in a neutral grey colour which is perfect to complement what you are wearing, because after all; we all still want to look the part while we are grounding. But of course, looks are everything and it is important to look at the effectiveness of this product to determine whether it will be suitable for all people wanting to create an earthing practice without having to go outside. In short, this is a very effective sock that not only works well for grounding but also has a world of other benefits. Many people use this type of product for direct pain relief, which we know is something that grounding can solve. The research behind this product is extensive and they have been tested for more than ten years, giving you the confidence that they are safe and will work well. They can be hooked up to your TENS machine and are ideal for relieving pain in the entire foot and ankle, something that cannot be achieved with other types of electrical system such as adhesive pads. They also come with a handy conductive spray to increase the effectiveness of this amazing product.

Earthling 3.0 Shoe Strap

If you don’t fancy using a type of earthing sock then there are several excellent products that are designed to fit on your regular shoes, this is great if you have a favourite pair that you love walking in. This is also a great way to get out into nature and experience it stress-relieving properties without having to remove your shoes. Some people simply do not feel comfortable doing this. This shoe strap is easy to use and research has shown that it will perfectly conduct electricity from the surface of the earth giving you just as many benefits for your health and body as you would be from earthing with nothing on your feet. So whether, you want to go for a run, a walk or simply go about your day to day business, this is a great way to incorporate grounding into your life without disrupting anything else. One of the best things about this handy piece of earthing equipment is that it is designed to fit on any type of shoe and any brand meaning that you don’t have to own a specific pair of shoes for it to work. It is also very discreet and won’t spoil the overall appearance of your favourite sneakers or boots.

Non Slip Yoga Energy Socks

These are slightly different from other types of earthing sock but they are certainly just as effective. One of the first things that you notice is that these are made using a very soft material which will feel great on the skin – oftentimes, we are expected to wear garments that are itchy, irritating or uncomfortable, but not with the non-slip energy yoga sock. If you like to practice grounding while spending time on your yoga mat then these are a great choice since they have a non-slip bottom that will prevent you from falling out of your pose. Many people practice grounding by remaining in a standing yoga pose, such as tree pose or mountain pose and the feet may feel as though they are going to slip. The product works with infrared rays and specific natural products have been used during their manufacturing, this includes red clay and zeolite among other things, all of which are known for their healing properties. Combine this with the healing power of grounding and you have a very potent product.

Copper Infused Ankle Socks

This product is potentially one of the best value for money on our list because you are not only getting one pair, but five. They also come in a range of stylish colours and are great for either men or women. You might notice that these are described primarily as an athletic sock but when you realise that they are infused with copper, it becomes clear why these are so effective for the purpose of grounding. You can use this product to connect the body to earth as copper is known to be the most conductive metal there is. You will be certain to notice a whole wealth of health effects and your body will feel brand new after earthing with this sock. They are made from a combination of the copper yarn and 80% cotton. Cotton is ideal for wearing on the feet since it is breathable and more importantly, very comfortable. Wearing these on the skin will not cause irritation and is the ideal material if you are going to be grounding through a strenuous exercise routine or brisk walk as they will keep your feet feeling fresh.

Copper Ion Infused Socks

Staying with the theme of the copper-infused sock, we have this excellent product that comes in a great variety of colour choices, so not only can you take part in an effective grounding session but you will also be able to stay on trend. They are made from 25% copper yarn, which as we have learned, is a powerful conductor so as you connect your feet to the ground, the earth s energy will be able to make its way into your body and help with a variety of different problems. These are also extremely comfortable to wear and they feature a soft padded sole that gives your skin protection as you walk along the ground. If you have decided to wear these and no shoes to do a grounding walk, then they will provide a comfortable cushion as well as conducting the earth’s electrical energy.

Meditation Socks

Not all of these types of products have to contain some sort of electric system or a conductive material like copper. You might simply want a pair of mindful footwear to keep your feet warm while you go for a walk outside. As we have learned, it is perfectly acceptable to practice grounding without being barefoot and because the feet will sweat a little, this can be just as effective a conductor as having a specially made product. These are super-cute and stylish and feature a ‘this moment’ slogan which could also serve as a useful mantra while you are grounding. Another type of grounding refers to bringing yourself into the present moment and this has a huge range of advantages for your mental health. Combining this type of grounding with the benefits of connecting the body to the earth is a great way to take care of your whole self. They are made from a variety of materials including rayon, bamboo and rubber, which provides you with a non-slip sole – ideal if you are going to be practising yoga but comfortable if you simply want to sit on the ground and meditate.

Grounding Mat | Benefits of Earthing

Now that you have chosen your favourite sock or shoe for getting grounded, you might want to think about how you will use them. Many people opt to pair their grounding footwear with a grounding mat or a grounding sheet and the two make a very powerful combination. There are several grounding mats that you can use but we really like this one because it is affordable and easy to use. You can, of course, do this without anything on the feet but many people like to do grounding whilst wearing some sort of footwear, particularly those that contain a conductive material like the copper ones we have looked at. Standing on the earthing mat whilst wearing this will give you the maximum benefits. it is made from vegan-friendly materials and comes with an extra long earthing wire so that you can connect to your earthing rod easily and quickly. So why not grab your favourite set of meditation sockies and get grounded.

The Original Grounding Patches

If you do not like the idea of wearing grounding socks then there is an alternative – grounding patches that can be worn on the feet. If you are looking for a kit that will get you started with everything you need then this is a great option. The patches are made from a completely natural material that will not irritate the skin and the process is super simple. All you need to do is connect the patches to your skin and ensure that your grounding mat is connected to the earth s surface and you can simply relax and let the power of earthing work its magic.

How Long Should You Ground Yourself Each Day?

The amount of time that you spend doing grounding or earthing every day will vary depending on your personal circumstances. Some people may find that they are able to get outside and take advantage of the earth s surface for hours at a time, whereas other may find that they simply cannot afford to spare that much time. That is OK – most people accept that just 30 minutes of grounding each day can be extremely effective and you will start to notice a lot of health benefits, even from this small amount of time. There is no evidence to suggest that contact with the earth can be done too frequently so if you want to do longer, then there is no reason that you shouldn’t go outside and walk barefoot as often as you would like. However, if you are using grounding products, there may be some things to keep in mind. Of course, the length of time you use the products shouldn’t be an issue since there are grounding mattresses that are designed for use throughout the night – around eight hours at a time. But the problem comes more from the fact that these products may sometimes pick up electrical energy from other sources and this could be potentially dangerous. For this reason, you must always use your earthing mat or other earthing products in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. Another of the questions that often arises when we are talking about the time you should spend on your grounding mat or outside walking barefoot on the earth is how frequently you should take part in the practice. Much like anything, grounding requires a consistent approach. There is very little point in doing grounding earthing once and then omitting to do it again for weeks at a time. In order to properly notice the benefits of earthing, you will need to develop a consistent routine, and whether this is made up from 30 minutes on your earthing mat each day or going barefoot to ground outside for hours at a time, you must make sure that it is regular. You will feel the most health benefits if you ground every day, but consistency could also mean setting a grounding schedule for every other day. You must make sure that you have the time in your schedule for connecting to the earth. Furthermore, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that sleeping grounded is a great way to get many of the health benefits associated with grounding. Sleeping grounded can involve using a grounding product like a grounding mattress but can be just as easily achieved by using your earthing products directly before going to bed. This is a great way to incorporate earthing into your daily routine without having to disrupt other parts of your life.

Does Grounding Really Work?

When you make direct contact with the earth, the electrons from the earth are able to enter into your body and this can have some amazing benefits. But before we look at whether or not the process of earthing really does work or not, it is important to understand how it works. It might be easy to assume that using earth s natural energy is a silly concept that couldn’t possibly work. However, no one can deny the science behind the idea. In the most simple terms, grounding works by allowing the earth s energy to interact with cells in the human body. Our white blood cells produce free radicals and these can cause problems in the body, most notably, inflammation. This is because these tiny molecules need free electrons to pair with, but there are none of these in the human body. Fortunately, the earth has an abundant supply of free electrons so when we practice grounding earthing, we are able to improve certain health conditions by taking advantage of these. This may all sound a little out there but when we look at the various pieces of research that have been done, it isn’t difficult to see that your health can be vastly improved simply when you touch the earth. In the main, there are five main areas of our health that can benefit from being connected to the earth, so let’s take a look at these in a little more detail.

  • People who suffer from chronic pain have been seen to see a huge reduction in this pain when they are grounded. There have been some studies that have demonstrated that earthing not only reduces inflammation hugely but also has a very positive effect on our pain levels. The most prominent research in the area of pain was conducted using a grounding product known as a grounding patch but there is much suggestion that when we ground outside barefoot, this can have just as an effective result.
  • Cardiovascular disease is one of the biggest killers in the world and since the body can only withstand so much, it is vital that we take care of it. Grounding has been seen to work with the red blood cells. One of the main causes of heart disease is that these blood cells can clump together and the blood viscosity is too high. What’s more, there has been research that has demonstrated that the blood pressure can be significantly lowered when we connect to the earth through grounding. High blood pressure is one of the worst contributors to heart conditions.
  • Stress is far too common in modern life, but even more scientific research has shown us that grounding interacts directly with the nervous system, the heart rate and other factors that may contribute to stress and other mental health problems like anxiety and depression. This study showed us that just an hour each day of grounding could be responsible for drastically improving your mood.
  • In one study, the effect of grounding on sleep was noted and again, it is impossible to deny that earthing can have a positive impact on both our ability to fall asleep, the quality of sleep and, as a result, our fatigue levels. Again, it is important to point out that we could be sleeping grounded to obtain even more of the positive effects of this practice using a grounding product like a sheet or mattress.
  • As we have mentioned, one of the most notable effects of grounding is a reduction in inflammation.


Q: Can I use grounding socks with shoes?

A: Yes, grounding socks can be used with shoes. However, it is recommended to use grounding shoes for better grounding benefits.

Q: What is grounding?

A: Grounding, also known as earthing, is the practice of connecting with the earth’s natural energy by being in direct contact with the ground.

Q: Do grounding socks work?

A: Yes, grounding socks work by allowing you to transfer the earth’s energy through your feet while wearing them.

Q: Can I wear socks when using grounding products?

A: Yes, you can wear socks when using grounding products. However, it is recommended to have direct skin contact for better grounding effects.

Q: How do grounding socks work?

A: Grounding socks work by providing a conductive pathway for the earth’s energy to flow through your feet and into your body.

Q: Can I sleep grounded with grounding socks?

A: Yes, you can sleep grounded with grounding socks. Simply plug the grounding socks into a grounded outlet or use a grounding mat.

Q: How often should I wash grounding socks?

A: Grounding socks can be washed as often as regular socks. It is recommended to use a mild detergent and avoid fabric softener for better conductivity.

Q: Are there any benefits of grounding?

A: Yes, grounding has been associated with various benefits such as improved sleep, reduced inflammation, and enhanced overall well-being.

Q: Are all socks suitable for grounding?

A: No, not all socks are suitable for grounding. Grounding socks are specially designed to allow the flow of earth’s energy, making them better for grounding than regular socks.

Q: Can I use an earthing product without being barefoot?

A: Yes, you can use an earthing product without being barefoot. Grounding products like socks or shoes provide a connection to the earth’s energy even if you are not barefoot.


Grounding is the process of connecting your body to the earth in order to gain the various advantages such as a reduction in pain and inflammation, improved heart health and lower stress levels to name a few. This is something that be done very simply and most people will simply remove their shoes and take a walk along the earth making direct contact through the skin on the foot. However, this method is not for everyone and some people may find that they are unable to practice this way, for whatever reason. In that case, there are a lot of different earthing products that can be used in place of a barefoot walk through nature. In the main, earthing mats are considered to be one of the most effective but you might also choose an earthing sock or even a strap that can attach to your favourite pair of shoes. No matter what type of product you choose, you should keep in mind that grounding works best when it is done on a natural surface like sand, soil or grass but it might also be effective on concrete. Furthermore, you will notice the most benefits when you practice grounding consistently, making time to earth the body on a daily basis.

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