Can Chakra Meditation Be Dangerous | Dangers of Opening your Chakras

Can Chakra Meditation Be Dangerous | Dangers of Opening your Chakras

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Charkra meditations can be dangerous if you have certain medical conditions (see below).  The chakras are simply energy centers that run the length of the human body, along the spine. There are smaller chakras dotted around the body but the seven main ones are what a person would typically focus on during a chakra meditation.

When we think about meditation, we often think about the positive benefits that this experience can bring and for the most part, these experiences are exactly that; positive. However, much like anything, there may be people that have bad experiences as a result of chakra meditation.

In this article, we are going to be looking at what type of side effects you might expect to see when doing chakra meditations and whether there area any significant risks to the practice.

What Is Chakra Meditation?

Chakra meditation is a term that is applied to a variety of different meditative practices. The technique is often taught in yoga and practices relating to yoga but you may often see if being used in reiki sessions and other wellness techniques.

These meditations are designed to work with the energy centers known as chakras since they can sometimes become blocked. This is one of the things that prevents them from working correctly and there are many ways of allowing a more positive flow of energy.

For example, a lot of chakra meditation experiences involve visualisation. One of the most common is to image light flowing into the area around the chakra. If you are working with the heart chakra, you might imagine a healing light flowing directly into the heart center, this light would clear an blocked energy and open the chakra once again, filling it with renewed life energy.

Other techniques that a yoga teacher might suggest would be working with healing crystals or essential oils as a way of combating any problems associated with a specific chakra. For example, the crown chakra can be healed with clear quartz or the third eye might be cleared with clary sage oil.

Other techniques that can be used alongside chakra meditation are various yoga poses. A good example would be meditating in child’s pose as a way of awakening the third eye.

What Happens When A Chakra Opens?

When we open our chakras, there can be various effects including those within the mind and those within the body. The entire life energy change means that a man or woman who has open chakras may experience things in a whole new light.

One of the most common chakras that people try to open is the third eye and this is linked to the powerful intuitive and psychic abilities that are associated with the third eye. When the third eye begins to open, you may develop new knowledge and be able to perceive things in a totally new way.

Furthermore, the crown chakra might open you up to new experiences with the universe including feelings of overwhelming connection to a higher power. There is now scientific evidence to show that this chakra is closely related to the pineal gland and that what we experience when it opens are largely related to physical changes.

When the heart chakra opens, you may begin to have intense feelings of love and compassion for others. These feelings are often accompanied by immense joy and a passion for life.

Many people will feel a lot of this when practicing yoga and this is why the two techniques have been so closely related because yoga and meditation can each have a profound effect on the chakras.

Are There Risks Associated With Chakra Meditation?

According to one yoga teacher, there are side effects that may occur in a person who is attempting to open their chakras and this means that despite this being one of the worlds most popular types of meditation, it could be dangerous for many people.

However, when we talk about danger, that isn’t to say that you will suddenly find yourself totally unable to practice. Instead, people that have certain medical conditions are advised to only ever practice this type of meditation with a certified teacher. There are hundreds of teachers across the United States and around the world and anyone can access these so if you do fall into any of the following categories, it is worth keeping in mind that a teacher is your best option as they will be able to supervise and guide you.

    • Anyone with mental health conditions.

    • Those with epilepsy

    • People with serious illness, particularly heart disease

    • Anyone who takes medication for a medical condition.

It is also important to keep in mind that as a rule, chakra meditation is thought to be a very safe practice and working with the chakras is one of the best ways to remain balanced and grounded.

Think about the root chakra which is associated with your sense of being and your connection to the earth. Out of all the chakras, this is one of those that is extremely popular to work with.

What Are The Negative Effects Of Chakra Meditation?

As we have discussed, on the whole working with your chakras through the art of meditation is typically one of the safest wellbeing activities and it is done across the world successfully every day. However, as with anything, there are some possible negative effects. Some of these may be mildly annoying whereas others could be something much more distressing.

Once again, we would urge you to seek the guidance of an expert who can teach you about the exercise and how to make the most of of the journey of healing the chakras. You might even attend a meditation retreat where you would receive intense and dedicated chakra opening training.

Often, the negative effects that someone might get from these experiences come on out of the blue. This is another reason that having teacher guidance can be beneficial. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the possible effects.

    • Feelings of electric coursing through the body.

    • Shivers up and down the spine.

    • Headaches

    • Nausea

    • Spontaneous motor movements

    • Intense emotions that result in sudden laughter or crying

    • Changes to the breath

    • Anxiety and depression

    • Feeling disoriented

    • Visual or auditory hallucinations

    • Changes to your sleep pattern

    • Psychic abilities (often associated with the third eye awakening)

    • Out of body experiences

    • Traumatic memories (often associated with the root chakra awakening)

Many of these effects are as a result of the removal of chakra blockages and when this happens you will often experience life in a whole new way. However, chakra meditation is intended to be done over a longer period of time and when you open the chakras too quickly, it is almost as though your body and mind become overwhelmed.

What’s more, working with the chakras is a way of getting in touch with energy that lies deep within you. Once you are in touch with this energy, you begin to gain an awareness of the world and feel a oneness with it.

This can be a good thing but many meditation experts are now convinced that these sorts of bad effects are typically experienced when the meditator is already struggling in their life. This could be as a result of stress, trauma or something else.

Furthermore, there is suggestion that some people develop a fear of chakra meditation and have a certain expectation. This is likely down to a lack of awareness of what the process is about and another reason why seeing a teacher or at the very least, reading a book about the chakras is a good place to start.

However, despite there being a lot of possible side effects, when it is done correctly, chakra meditation can serve as a way of increasing energy flow. As your energy flow is increased, you will have a lot of benefits in the body and mind.

Why Is Kundalini Awakening Dangerous?

One of the more disciplined and intense forms of yoga is known as kundalini yoga and while kundalini techniques have been used for thousands of years in the Hindu tradition, there are, as with everything else, some precautions that one should take when starting a kundalini yoga practice.

Kundalini comes from the Sanskrit language and it simply means coiled. Those who practice kundalini yoga beleive that your energy is coiled at the base of the spine, and that by working with this energy, you can achieve a kundalini awakening. This is essentially when the energy rises and fills each of the chakras. It is said to be an incredibly powerful and significant as well as pleasurable experience.

The energy is said to flow through the chakras right from the root, through the lower chakras, past the third eye and out from the crown. After this, you would feel a sense of balance and awareness.

Those who have never practised kundalini yoga often have a lot of questions. Much in the same manner that people do not understand the true function of the third eye, believing that the third eye chakra is some kind of supernatural chakra. When in reality, your third eye is related more to your intuition.

Similarly, there is an impression that kundalini is a dangerous activity and that there could be terrible effects on the human body when trying it. However, the opposite is true. Kundalini rising will in fact have the sort of effect on your body and your mind that you have always desired but much like chakra meditation, this is a form of spirituality that must be guided by an expert.

Kundalini is designed to be a loving and helpful form of yoga and when it is managed correctly, the body and mind will receive such benefits as;

    • A greater sense of self

    • Reduced stress

    • Improved cognitive function

    • More clarity

    • Reduction in conditions like anxiety and depression

    • Increased compassion

    • Greater intuition (most likely related to the energy passing through the third eye)

However, while kundalini is nothing to fear, there is enough evidence to show that when the activity is not done correctly, there could be problems. Your energy can be thought of as an electrical system and when we do kundalini yoga, if there is a ‘short’ in this system, it can go on to cause both mental problems and physical ones in the body.

If the kundalini energy is released too quickly, rather than heading straight up the spine and out of the top of the head, taking negative karma with it, it may spread to the side channels of the spine. The result of this is that the person may experience what is known as a spiritual emergency.

During this, the person may well have great feelings of joy and bliss but at the same time, bad effects may also manifest. These can include painful memories, muscle spasms, burning sensations and vibrations among others. These symptoms solidify the need for a guru when practising these methods.


The chakras are centers of energy that run along the spine in every single human being on the planet. However, quite often, we are not in touch with this energy and as a result, our lives can be adversely affected. But how do we improve this and find a renewed flow of energy to awaken and cleanse the chakras?

The answer is quite simple, chakra meditation. This is a method of restoring energy in the chakras and as such, improving your physical, emotional and spiritual health. However, there are concerns that this method of meditation could be dangerous.

In the main, closing your eyes and indulging in a chakra meditation session will cause no harm whatsoever. But in some cases, there may be issues with it. Typically a practitioner who has certain medical issues such as epilepsy or a heart condition may find that they have an adverse reaction.

However, if you are looking to open your third eye or reignite your sacral chakra, the best option is to find a teacher who will be able to guide you through your experience making sure that you can do chakra meditation in safety.

Furthermore, if you want to take your energy to an even deeper level and experience everything that kundalini yoga has to offer, you need not be fearful. While there are risks to this, having a guide or guru will help you to make the most out of this ancient technique.


Q: Can Chakra Meditation Be Dangerous?

A: Chakra meditation is generally safe when done properly. However, like any form of meditation or spiritual practice, there can be potential risks if not approached with caution and respect.

Q: What are the dangers of opening chakras?

A: Opening your chakras without proper guidance and understanding can lead to imbalances in your energetic body. This can manifest as physical, emotional, or mental disturbances.

Q: What types of chakra meditation can be practiced?

A: There are various types of chakra meditation, including visualization, sound therapy, and movement-based practices. It’s important to explore and find the method that resonates with you.

Q: What are the seven major chakras?

A: The seven major chakras are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. These energy centers correspond to different aspects of our being.

Q: How can I perform chakra meditation?

A: To perform chakra meditation, find a quiet and comfortable space. Focus on each chakra, visualize its color and qualities, and use specific techniques to activate and balance the chakras.

Q: Is it true that chakra meditation may have adverse effects?

A: If chakra meditation is not practiced correctly or if you push through blockages too quickly, it can lead to psychosomatic or emotional issues. It’s important to approach chakra meditation with respect and moderation.

Q: How does chakra meditation focus on the chakra system?

A: Chakra meditation focuses on activating, balancing, and purifying the chakra system. It involves directing your attention and intention towards each specific chakra to promote healing and well-being.

Q: Can I practice chakra meditation without any real knowledge?

A: It is recommended to have a basic understanding of the chakra system and chakra meditation techniques before practicing. Without proper knowledge, it may be challenging to navigate the practice effectively.

Q: Is it necessary to receive chakra initiations to practice chakra meditation?

A: Chakra initiations can be beneficial, but they are not necessary to practice chakra meditation. With the right guidance and dedication, you can explore and benefit from chakra meditation without formal initiations.

Q: Where can I find more information about chakra meditation?

A: You can find more information about chakra meditation through books, online resources, and reputable meditation centers. It is also helpful to connect with experienced practitioners or join supportive communities on platforms like Facebook.

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