Can You Manifest While Meditating?

Can You Manifest While Meditating?


The law of attraction is a simple concept that dictates that positive energy and thoughts can bring positive results; the same can be said for negativity. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative.

With this in mind, one might imagine that anything is possible. Through the power of the law of attraction, we could all be living the lives we so deeply desire. But not many people actually try to achieve this dream life. When it could be as simple as using the law of attraction through a practice such as meditation, it seems incredible that more people are not trying to achieve their goals this way.

But perhaps the problem doesn’t lie in people simply not trying, perhaps it lies in our mindset; we believe that manifesting the things we want in life isn’t possible or is too difficult. But in this article, we are going to show you something that will help you to let go of this belief and get started with the manifestation process even if you are a beginner. You are about to experience meditation in a whole new way.

How Does Manifestation Work?

We have mentioned the law of attraction and this is something that is based around energy and every person on this planet puts of energy all the time. It is not something that we can stop but it is something that we can observe and control.

If you want to manifest good things using the law of attraction through meditation, you will need to listen to your higher self and start to notice the signs that the universe is giving you; whatever type of higher power you believe in, these attraction tools remain the same.

One of the best ways to receive everything you would like is to incorporate a meditation session into your life. Meditation for manifesting is an incredible tool, once you know how to use it.

When you think about the like attracts like law, you can then begin to easily see how this goes hand in hand with a meditation practice.

How Does Meditation Help With Manifestation?

It is easy to look at the desires of your heart and wanting them to come to fruition but you must find a way to bring these dreams to life. Manifestation can be drastically aided through meditation and while a lot of people may initially find it challenging to quiet the mind and let go, once you find this balance, you will be able to get into your meditation practice with ease.

With this in mind, we can look at how success can be achieved through the simple act of meditation. Whether you are looking to manifest money, love or other things, it can give you an amazing boost.


Manifesting the things that your heart desires requires you to do some deep visualization. Unfortunately, this can be a pretty difficult thing if your attention is not focused. However, we when meditate, the art of visualization suddenly becomes a lot easier.

Mantras And Affirmations

One of the biggest parts of manifestation is using affirmations to tell the universe that this is what is going to happen. During a meditation for manifesting, you can use these affirmations as mantras.

As you enter into a meditative state, you will notice how easy it is to focus your mind without the mind becoming too busy.

Alternatively, for people who find it difficult to meditate without focusing on something like music or the breathing, there is the option to do the practice using subliminal affirmations.

Raise Your Vibration

Each person in the world works on an energetic vibration. There are two modes to this, input and output. When a person is outputting energy, they are sending it into the universe. Conversely, when they input energy, they are receiving it back from the universe.

When we are meditating, our vibrations slow and there is nothing but stillness. This is a wondrous thing as it allows us to start drawing in energy naturally, without forcing it.

In essence, as you meditate, your vibration will raise and you will begin manifesting as you let go of constant thought and come into what is known as the receiving mode.


There is a lot of importance placed on intuition and this is not by chance. This part of our being allows us to see everything much more clearly and we will begin to form a connection to our higher being.

As this happens, it would seem that thoughts begin to enter the brain of how we can achieve success. Inspiring ideas that will help you follow the steps towards your goal; without even trying.

These thoughts should be seen as guidance and you may even notice feelings of deep love and encouragement as you take steps along the path towards your dreams.

Reach The Flow State

The flow state is sometimes referred to as the zone and is something that happens when your entire body and mind are focused on achieving a particular goal or aim. But this is not a state that many of us can achieve for long periods of time; if you struggle to quiet the mind or find that you are easily distracted, you may find that the flow state rarely happens.

However, during meditation is a great way to help us achieve this flow state and if you practice every day, you will notice how much easier it becomes to do this. Then, the things that you want in life will be much more attainable.

This helps you to achieve your goals a lot more easily because when you are trying to manifest anything, you will have ultimate concentration and focus.

How To Meditate For Manifestation

Meditation has a lot of benefits and manifesting is just one of these. Alongside getting all of the things you want out of life and using the law of attraction, you will notice an overall improvement in your health and well being.

Before you begin your meditation, you should be sure to set the scene. There are those who like to use candles and incense whereas others prefer to use music. This is a personal choice as the method that you use to get in the zone is different from how others would; this is your meditation, so do it in a style that fits in with your life.

Now you will need to get comfortable. The stresses and strains of modern life can take a toll on the body so it is vital that you give your body time to relax before you begin. Lie down somewhere comfortable or sit with a straight spine and begin taking some soothing, deep breaths. Relax the body from the toes upwards, placing a focus on each group of muscles, take your time.

If you are meditating with a recording, you should follow the voice, otherwise, you will need to develop your own practice. Close the eyes and focus on your intention; for some, this will be love, for others it might be money and some people might be trying to improve their health. Whatever you are manifesting, make it clear in your mind’s eye.

The more intense that you can make the visualization, the more powerful the meditation will be. Open your heart to the possibility that everything you have been looking for in life will come to pass.

That is all there is to it. You don’t need to spend your whole life meditating, there are other aspects and other events that you need to focus on. However, spending a few minutes every day of your life can help to manifest your dreams much more quickly.

Once you incorporate the practice into your day to day life, you will begin noticing the many benefits. As we mentioned, these go far beyond manifesting what you desire in life but can also include improved health, better mood, lower stress levels, improved sleep, and a general feeling of overall well being. So, it is definitely worth developing a practice for these reasons alone.

But I Find Meditation Difficult

If you want to do meditation for manifesting, it can be easy to be put off when you find it a challenge to quiet your mind. But the good news is that meditation is a practice that can be learned by any of us. It may take a little getting used to and the truth is that you likely won’t fall into a deep state of meditation on your first try. But the more you do it, the more you can train the body and mind into stillness. Manifestation then becomes a lot easier.

The hardest part of meditation for most of us is that the thoughts can overtake the mind and every time you try to focus on the breathing or anything else, another thought pops into our minds.

it can be easy to convince yourself that these thoughts will never go away but the key is to keep pushing on with the exercise. Much like anything else, meditation needs to be practiced and the more you do it, the more you will notice that your thoughts calm.

But a common misconception is that you should banish all thoughts but this is not true. As you sit quietly meditating, you will notice that thoughts will appear. Meditation isn’t about pushing them away but observing them and letting them pass then bringing your attention back to your breathing. Once you get this part of the meditation down to a T, the rest should come naturally.

To keep the mind focused, it can help to use a guided meditation or perhaps a binaural beats program. There are many of these that can be found online on platforms such as YouTube or you can purchase a CD with a selection of programs.

Furthermore, you should not try to meditate for extremely long periods of time at the beginning but keep your sessions short. If you try to push yourself, you will likely notice how you have a hard time manifesting anything because of the feelings of negativity surrounding your session.


Meditating has been done for thousands of years by practitioners from all walks of life and all around the world. Its benefits have not become well noted in the western world and where it was once more commonly practiced in eastern traditions, we are now able to see how we can bring wonderful goals and ambitions to life.

Whether you are looking to feel more love or improve your financial situation, there is no denying that meditating to manifest is a powerful and effective tool. This works on the concept of the law of attraction which essentially shows us that positive energy yields positive results and negative energy yields negative results.

If we can conjure up positive thoughts and energies and send these out into the universe while we meditate, this will come back to us in ways that we could never have otherwise imagined. So, make the most of the law of attraction and start using meditation to manifest and see how the events of your life take a sudden and amazing turn for the better.

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