How Do You Use Singing Bowls Chakras For Healing?

How Do You Use Singing Bowls Chakras For Healing?

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There are many ways that you can heal the chakras; crystals, essential oils, yoga to name a few. But one of the most effective ways of unblocking a chakra is to use sound therapy. This practice uses the various sound waves to clear and rejuvenate the chakra system.

However, before you can use this type of sound therapy, it is important to understand how singing bowls work and how you can use them to heal your chakras.

In this article, we will be providing you with a comprehensive guide on the singing bowl, how to use it and what benefits you will notice when using it.

What Are Singing Bowls?

Tibetan singing bowls, which are commonly referred to as simply singing bowls are items that have been used for many hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, predominantly in the Buddhist tradition. It is believed that each note has different healing properties and these singing bowls are frequently used alongside yoga and during things like a chakra meditation.

In western culture, the idea of using singing bowls has become more and more popular in recent years and one of the main uses is for chakra healing.

What Are Crystal Singing Bowls?

Traditionally, singing bowls are made from metal but there is no denying that crystal is known to work with the chakras and creates an incredible amount of healing. It makes sense then that there are quartz crystal singing bowls that are designed specifically to create a musical note that is conducive with chakra healing.

There are many different crystal singing bowls and you can buy them separately or as a group. You may also use pre-recorded crystal bowl meditation. You will notice that each of the chakras is associated with a different musical sound, as follows:

Our body has a natural connection to crystal since both it and us contain a compound known as silica and it is known that it is able to work with us to balance the electromagnetic energies of the body. But there is a lot more science behind the idea of both the crystal bowl and metallic singing bowls.

The Science Of The Singing Bowl

Not only does the singing bowl have a number of positive effects and can be used for relaxation, but there has also been a lot of research into how these notes work with the body and this certainly is not just a fantastical theory from the other side of the world.

Dr Mitchell Gaynor of New York explains that sound is much more than just something that we hear. Each note or tone has its own vibration and when we understand that tones are vibrations, we can see how they physically touch the body.

When the tones from a group of singing bowls enter the body, we notice some incredible effects. To begin with, these notes have the ability to alter cellular functions merely through the use of energy. This can cause our biological functions to work more harmoniously, for example, you might notice an improved immune system which would lower the risk of dis ease.

Furthermore, the neurotransmitters may be affected which in turn can have an emotional effect, potentially promoting relaxation and lower stress. The note from each singing bowl may also cause the production of neuropeptides, which are a group of neurotransmitters and this can also have an effect on your immunity.

What Are Chakras?

The chakras are located in all off us, the human body is more than just the physical body, it is also made up from energy centers, also known as chakras. The word chakra comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and means wheel. These energy centers are wheels of energy and each one has a different function.

The chakras are situated along the spine and the first one, known as the root chakra is located right at the bottom of the spine. Each chakra is associated with the color, in this instance it is red.

Next is the sacral chakra located below the navel, just above the pubic bone. It is orange. The next one in the chakra system is the solar plexus chakra which is yellow and can be found in between the base of the ribs.

The heart chakra is green and is located in the center of the chest, directly above the space where the heart lies. The throat chakra is a bright azure blue and is situated in the physical throat.

The third eye chakra is potentially one of the most well-known chakras and sits in the space between the eyebrows; it is indigo. It is so well-known because of its link with your intuition and ability to perceive things and many aim to work solely with the chakra.

Finally, the crown chakra is located at the top of the head and is associated with our connection to the divine. It is seen as violet, or sometimes white.

However, the chakras can become blocked or misaligned and this can have a serious effect on both the body and the mind.

How To Use Singing Bowls For The Chakras

One of the best ways to discover is a chakra is blocked or needs retuning is to do a chakra awareness meditation. This might sound confusing, but chakra awareness meditation is easy to do.

To begin, you should find a quiet place, perhaps with some gentle lighting and scented candles and make yourself comfortable. Some people like to use crystal stones which correspond with each chakra as their energy is known to work with this energy system. These stones should be in the same color that is associated with the chakra.

You will need to take some deep, cleansing breaths and relax your body as deeply as possible. Once your body is relaxed, you can bring your awareness to the root chakra located at the base of the spine. Focus on the energy and how it is moving. Does it feel big or small? Does it feel as if it is flowing freely? When you feel as though you have a good idea of how the base chakra is working, you can move on to the next energy center and focus on how this one is working until you have made your way up through each chakra, to the crown chakra.

If you have noticed during this practice that there is a particular chakra that feels blocked, or perhaps a series of chakras, you can use a singing bowl to work with the energy center.

You can use singing bowls alone for sound treatment or you might have another person to help with the healing. If you do have someone helping you, you should lie your body flat on the floor. If possible, try not to use pillows or anything else that takes the body out of alignment, the spine should be kept straight for this process. If you are using the singing bowl alone then you can sit up straight with the singing bowl in easy reach.

You should heal each chakra in turn; take the corresponding singing bowl and hit it three times before running the mallet around the edge to create a resonant frequency. Now bring your awareness to the chakra you are healing, for example, the solar plexus chakra and imagine that is is filling with light – it can help to imagine this light in the same color as the chakra.

Imagine the energy and vibrations of the note aligning with the center channel of the spine and take your time, there is no rush, you can work with the Tibetan bowls on each chakra for as long as you need.

Singing Bowl Chakra Set

If you want to align all of your chakras using the vibration or frequency of singing bowls then you may wish to purchase a chakra set might be a good option.

These sets come with seven singing bowls, one for each of the main chakras and each one is tuned to a musical note on the C major scale. These tones are believed to form a connection to each chakra, therefore, ridding it of any negative energy and unblocking it.

To use these singing bowls, you should place them around the body or in the space near the chakra you are working with. You should strike the first singing bowl and allow the frequency to resonate through the chakra. In between notes, it is important to get the previous one fade away before hitting the next one.

Can I Use Singing Bowls Alone?

It is fine to use singing bowls on your own but if you would like someone else to assist in the healing of your body then you can do this. If you do not know anyone who could help, there are several professionals who work with this type of sound healing.

One of the most respected is known as the Singing Bowl Lady who is based in the USA and does regular group music therapy sessions. The Singing Bowl Lady also has a very interesting blog where you can learn about the healing equation and purchase various Singing Bowl Lady audios.

Steven Halpern is a renowned musical therapist who uses singing bowls to aid those who wish to heal.


The sound of singing bowls is often associated with Eastern traditions and while these effective tools do hail from Tibet, they are now being more and more commonly used in the Western world. When we look at the science behind sound, we can see that sound can be used in a variety of ways.

Primarily, sound is a vibration that interacts with our bodies and as such can have a profound effect on the chakras; intertwining its energy with the chakras and opening them, releasing negative energy. Whether you want to improve your intuition by working with the third eye or feel a deeper sense of love and connection with others and work with the heart chakra, using singing bowls and sound therapy is a great way to do this.

But you don’t need to do it alone, if you do not feel confident in using this sound treatment by yourself, you can enlist the help of another person or even take advantage of the many professional sound healers out there such as the Singing Bowl Lady.

In the main, these bowls are made of metal, but we are now seeing more and more crystal bowls that are designing to work with the chakras and can even be purchased in sets. But whichever of these categories you choose, you will notice that you feel light, invigorated and free, all because of sound.

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