What Happens When You Open Your Crown Chakra?

What Happens When You Open Your Crown Chakra?

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A lot of people like to work with the chakras and while the third eye is the one that many people on a journey into spirituality seek to open, the crown chakra is the peak of this energy system and when we open the crown chakra, some incredible things can happen.

But how do we know when it is opening and what are the symptoms that we should look out for?

In this article, we are going to be looking at what happens when the crown chakra starts opening and what you can expect from an overactive crown chakra.

What Is The Crown Chakra?

The chakras are wheels of energy that are located throughout the human body, beginning with the root chakra at the base of the spine and running all the way up to the crown chakra at the top of the head. The crown chakra color is said to range from violet through to bright white, representing its purity and connection to wisdom and love.

The crown chakra symbol is the lotus symbol and this chakra is often talked about as the thousand-petalled lotus flower and is closely linked with our spirituality. It is believed that when we pass from this life, our energy, or soul leaves the body through the crown of the head, at the location of the crown chakra.

The crown chakra is our connection to a higher consciousness or our higher self and there are some yoga teachers who talk about the fact that we cannot begin this chakra opening until we have worked with all of the other chakras in the body.

For this reason, a lot of teachers believe that reaching enlightenment is very closely associated with this chakra. It is important to work with the other chakras and open these chakras. Doing this will allow you to work with the highest energy center but will also give you other benefits.

For example, when the lower chakras are opened, you will feel more grounded and creative. If some of the other higher chakras are opened, you may feel a greater sense of love, the ability of expression, and be able to more easily access your psychic abilities.

Ultimately, if you are looking to live a more spiritual life, you must work with all of the chakras, working your way up to the crown.

The Crown Chakra And The Physical Body

Each of the energy centers in the chakra system is linked with a gland in our bodies. In the case of the crown chakra, there is an association with the pituitary gland which, according to science releases hormones and when this does not function properly, we find that we lack in a lot of physical areas.

As such, then the crown chakra is not functioning, we notice this in several systems in our bodies including the neurological and immune systems.

How Do You Unlock The Crown Chakra?

If you want to gain the knowledge and walk on the path to getting to know your higher self, you must be willing to work with the crown chakra. There are several ways to offer a healing touch to the crown chakra and each of us will take a different approach in our life.

One of the greatest ways to connect with the divine and open the crown chakra is to take part in crown chakra yoga. The crown chakra yoga poses are designed to draw energy to this chakra and work with the breath and while you might see advertisements for fancy routines, you can quite simply take your lotus flower beach blanket and perform a headstand and savasana.

Essential oils are a great way to heal negative symptoms of a blocked chakra and where the crown chakra is concerned, working with helichrysum, cedarwood, myrrh, and lavender can be effective.

Meditation is an excellent tool in many aspects of life but where the chakras are concerned, it is even more powerful. You can perform a simple meditation focusing on the crown as well as using affirmations. These affirmations do not need to be complex but may be something as straightforward as ‘I am connected to my higher self’ or ‘I am an extension of the universe.’

How Do I Know My Crown Chakra Is Opening?

Unless you have experienced the opening of the crown chakra, it can be very difficult to describe it but those who have been through this chakra opening describe it as a divine experience where life suddenly becomes a lot more clear. Things start to make more sense in the world around you and you may gain wisdom about life and unconditional love for others in a way that you have never known before.

There are a lot of physical symptoms as well as mental ones that will happen with a crown chakra opening but each of us may experience something slightly different. In the main, when this energy center begins to blossom, you can expect some of the following symptoms.

  • A lot of those who are going through a crown chakra opening will notice that their sleep is affected. Some will find that they are unable to sleep whereas others may find themselves sleeping too much and being too tired to interact with the world or function in their day to day life.
  • Dreams can become a lot more vivid and realistic. The good news is that these dreams usually carry a message so be sure to take the time to understand them.
  • Your emotions are likely to change as you are opening your crown chakra and the energy begins to flow more freely. This might also be seen in how you behave.
  • We all go through life being aware of the material world that we live in but as you go through your crown chakra opening, you will begin to find yourself less concerned with the world and more interested in the spiritual side of things.
  • One of the most profound experiences is that you develop new knowledge about others. Instead of trying to change another person that you meet, you will begin to understand that there is a meaning behind each encounter and will begin accepting others for what they are and putting the focus on your own healing; imagine if we all had open crown chakras and the understanding we would have of each other.
  • You may start having psychic experiences or perhaps interact with a spirit guide. This can be scary but it is important to embrace this as it cannot harm you.
  • Physical symptoms may include headaches, nausea, drowsiness, itching at the location of the crown chakra, and pulsating electrical shocks through the head and body. These side effects of opening the crown chakra will fade over time and with regular chakra healing.

What Are The Symptoms Of An Overactive Crown Chakra?

When you practice chakra healing with the intention of opening your crown chakra, you may notice that the crown chakra becomes overactive. This can be unpleasant but can be fixed using some of the energy healing modalities that we discuss in this article. It certainly should not be a reason to not open your crown chakra.

Signs that there is a crown chakra imbalance might be being overly invested in all things spiritual and according to expert Anodea Judith, teacher, writer, and founder of a chakra magazine, people might disconnect from earthly aspects of their lives and become overly intellectual.

Conversely, it is possible to have a blocked crown chakra. In this case, the energy center at the top of the head is not getting enough energy flow and you might notice things like being detached from your spiritual side or being closed-minded.


The chakra system runs along the spine in all of us and begins with the root chakra with seven others in between before we get to the crown chakra.

This is thought to be the most difficult chakra to open since it has such a profound connection to the universe and the divine; whatever you believe that to be.

Many of us will go through life searching for a spiritual encounter that will change us forever when in reality, this ability is within us all. You have probably received advertisements for teachings and classes that will open up a path to your spiritual side when all it take is opening the crown chakra and keeping it balanced.

Some will work for years to achieve this whereas others may find that this chakra opens without warning. Signs that this is happening might include physical signs such as headaches, dizziness and changes in your sleep. However, you might also notice mental effects such as a deepening interest in the spiritual world and greater wisdom, seeing the world in much greater clarity. Whatever you experience, you can feel confident that having an open crown chakra will benefit you enormously.

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