Visions During Meditation | Everything You Need to Know About Meditation Visions 2023

Visions During Meditation | Everything You Need to Know About Meditation Visions 2023


Meditation allows us to access the deepest parts of ourselves and at times, we may connect with our higher consciousness. This is an intense experience and one of the most common questions posed by meditators is whether it is possible to have visions during meditation practice. Furthermore, the question is then raised as to whether these visions could mean anything and whether we should pay attention to meditation visions as a sign of something in our life. In this article, we are going to be looking at what visions mean to a meditation practitioner and what this could mean if you feel like you have been seeing visions during your meditation practice.

What Is A Meditation Vision?

When we talk about meditation visions, we are referring to an experience of something that would typically be considered to be out of the ordinary that would not be something real in normal life. However, when meditators experience these visions, they feel very real and as if they are happening to the people involved in that very moment. There are varying beliefs on what visions during meditation mean but one suggestion is that when people experience meditation visions, they are unlocking their third eye. The third eye is associated with your power to access things on a higher level and perceive things that are not apparent; psychic power, if you will. However, there is no hard evidence to suggest that this is the case. Visions during meditation practice typically happen when you fall into a state that is somewhere between sleep and wakefulness. It is at this point that the mind is clear and you are free from distractions. But mindfulness and meditation are often practised as a way of being in the present moment, and seeing visions doesn’t fall into line with this. So what do they mean? If you have been seeing visions during meditation, it may feel like something completely alien and for some people, this could even feel a little scary. But it is important to keep in mind that any images you see in your mind cannot harm you. That being said, there are some people that will have visions during meditation that are less positive than others and one of the most important things is not to interact with these images but rather observe them.

How Should We React To Visions During Meditation?

If you have been practising meditation for quite a bit of time, you will be familiar with one of the most common techniques of watching thoughts as the enter the mind but not interacting with them. You should treat your visions during meditation in the same way. When we are meditating, our minds can be easily distracted and these visions during meditation can serve as a distraction. In the same way that you would bring your awareness back to the breath to gently take the mind away from your thoughts, you can do the same thing with vision. Of course, some of these visions may contain a message so it is important to looking at the meaning and acknowledge the presence of the visions without putting too much awareness onto them. If your awareness is disrupted, this effectively ends the meditation session.

The Meaning Of Visions During Meditation

One huge question that plagues a lot of meditators is what is the meaning of their visions during meditation. In fact, the truth is that different visions can mean differing things. But understanding the meaning of your visions can help you to retain your focus and awareness so that they do not serve as a disruption to your practice.

Visions Of Light

One of the most common meditation visions is of light. This light may take its form in various ways and the meaning may be different depending on the type of light that you are seeing. Most often, people will see some version of yellow or white light but in other cases, the lights may be colored and come in short bursts or flashes. Many people believe that someone who is seeing small balls of light in their minds eye is a sign that they are about to go deeper in their meditation experience. Your spiritual self is becoming more accustomed to your meditation. As you continue with your meditation journey, you may notice that these lights get larger and a lot of meditators find that the light gives them something to focus on while their eyes are closed and they are in a meditative state. One thing that does cause some concern is whether these lights will harm the eyes, but it is important to keep in mind that the light is in your mind; these are images and not real lights so cannot harm you in any way. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the meaning of each light type often seen by meditators when they let go and immerse themselves in their meditation.

  • A triangle of light in front of the face is typically seen by people who have no sense of attachment to anything in the universe. The presence of this light symbolises freedom.
  • Some people see a dazzling light and this is known as the light of Sushumna. While it’s presence may be intimidating and most people will struggle to focus on it; this is in fact, a sign of grace and are nothing to be feared. These experiences can interrupt the meditation process and many people find it is something that will cause them to end the meditation process. However, if you can, it is important that you allow the appearance of these dazzling lights to guide you to the next level of meditation rather than letting them be something that puts you off.

Visions Of The Astral World

While some people see light, others will see animals from the astral world. These animals take on many forms and many are of the belief that their energy can help guide you to a new level of consciousness. The energy of these creatures will typically be seen as a light and what is most interesting is that after the meditation, it is as if their souls are ingrained in the brain and many will have experiences with them during sleep. However, as we mentioned earlier, it is not a good idea to get over-immersed in this experience as these beings are there with the meaning of showing that there is a higher plane and transcendence is possible, but right now, during your practice, you should focus on the most important aspect of meditation; getting to know yourself.

Visions Of The Sky

Many practitioners will see some visions of the sky. These types of visions during meditation may be different according to the person since the mind may develop images in accordance with current experiences and events. However, the meaning behind this will normally become clearer as you continue to practice. Many times, these visions during meditation will see you as a small black dot in a light. You might have visions of deities and other spiritual forms.

Visions Of Symbols

It is not uncommon to see several symbols when a person is deep the their meditation practice. According to one of the top meditation teachers in the world, each of these symbols has a meaning connnected to a higher power. Let’s look at those that are the most common.

  • If you see a cow, this is connected with the Vedic theory that this animal brings a message of light. If you experience this type of vision, it is likely to be a spiritual light.
  • Some people see a horse and this can be a sign of energy of force.
  • Sometimes someone having visions during meditation might see themselves walking across mountains or perhaps coming into combat with an enemy. There is an archaic belief that this symbolises your journey through meditation and that you will move from level to level as you cross the different peaks.
  • You may see an image of outer space and this is a highly spiritual vision that reminds you that your spiritual place is not where you think you belong in this world.

Visions Of Colors

Many people experience visions of colors in their meditation. This may feel similar to seeing the white or golden light we talk about earlier but seeing colors has a different meaning. Most of the time, the colors you see will be connected to the chakras. Each of these energy centers is associated with a specific color and the nature of your color visions is likely link to these.


Q: Do you see visions during meditation?

A: It is possible to see visual imagery and spontaneous visual imagery during meditation, including vivid visions and seeing faces.

Q: Is seeing visions during meditation a part of meditation?

A: Yes, it is a natural part of popular meditation techniques.

Q: What are the types of visions you may receive during meditation?

A: Some common visions include lotus flowers, crescent moon, and other symbolic imagery that may signify aspects of your subconscious or spiritual growth.

Q: Is it normal to be afraid of the visions you see during meditation?

A: It is a process of your mind and individual’s personal beliefs come into play. Don’t let fear hold you back, and remember that the mind’s mental images can’t harm you in any way.

Q: What can I do if I’m afraid of what I see during meditation?

A: Talking to an experienced meditation guide or spiritual guide can help you to better understand what you’re experiencing and to ease any fears you may have. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Q: Can different types of meditation lead to different types of visions?

A: Yes, different types of meditation, such as Zen meditation or chakra meditation, can lead to different types of visual thoughts and imagery throughout meditation.

Q: What is the goal of seeing visions or visual imagery during meditation?

A: The goal of seeing visions or visual imagery during meditation is to deepen your connection to your subconscious and spiritual growth, and to experience a sense of bliss or peace.

Q: Is seeing visions during meditation a necessary part of achieving spiritual growth?

A: No, it is not necessary to see visions during meditation in order to achieve spiritual growth. It is simply one possible aspect of the meditative experience.

Q: Can meditation lead to spontaneous imagery or visions?

A: Yes, meditation can also lead to spontaneous visual imagery or visions that can arise without any conscious effort or intention on your part.

Q: Are there any precautions I should take before attempting to see visions during meditation?

A: It is important to approach the process with an open mind and to be aware of your own limitations and mental state. If at any point you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, it is important to stop and regroup before continuing.


The subconscious mind is an incredible thing. One thing that not all meditation teachers tell you about the meditation experience is that as you go through the process, you may experience visions during your meditation practice. This is not something that happens to everyone but is one of the things that someone engaging in a meditation practice is likely to experience. But this is nothing to be afraid of and many see these visions as a blessing. However, it is is important that you do not allow the mind to wander and become too engaged with these visions as this can distract from the meditation practice. The brain is difficult enough to train into a steady practice without the added pressure of having to shun visions. That being said, you shouldn’t ignore these visions entirely but observe them and then return your attention to your breath and continue to let go into your practice.

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