How Do You Manifest Money Through Meditation?

How Do You Manifest Money Through Meditation?

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They say that money doesn’t buy happiness and to an extent that is true; having people that you love around you and feeling at home is one of the most important things in the world. But while it might be nice to think that your relationship with everyone around you will help you through life, there is no denying that, in reality, money is something that all of us need to survive.

Whether you are in full-time employment, looking for work, or self-employed, there are always ways that you can improve your financial situation, and manifesting money through meditation is possible.

In this article, we are going to be teaching you an easy money meditation and explaining how you can manifest money fast by using the law of attraction. So, if your heart’s desire is to remove the stress related to money, then this may be a way that you can find true success.

Is It Possible To Manifest Money

Business owners, homeowners, professionals, the unemployed, and anyone else can have problems with negative emotions when it comes to their financial situation. Regardless of your location, people all over the world are experiencing a financial downturn that is far from the success and wealth that many economies have experienced in the past. This causes an incredible amount of anxiety and every time another bill lands on the doormat, thoughts of the reality of having no money can cause people to suffer even greater emotional turmoil.

Many people feel that they are out of control but the truth is that a person can use manifestation to receive abundance beyond their wildest imagination. But this wealth cannot merely come to you without trying. If you want the possibility of success, you need to be willing to focus the mind and tap into that law of attraction that we keep talking about.

It is true that money meditation does work, but in order to obtain the abundance you desire, you must release all tension and have faith in your meditation abilities.

Manifesting money is not something that you can do when you are stressed. It is well known that one of the side effects of stress is an inability to manage the mind and this is something that can profoundly affect the ability of a person to work with the universe.

Speak to any wellness counselor and you will find that they will tell you that the universe always has something to offer and much abundance; once again, it is all to do with the law of attraction. Whether you are looking for wealth, love, or anything else, the law of attraction can help you find it.

One of the best things about money meditation is that it costs nothing, while you might be searching for money wealth, having tools like this is a great way to begin your journey for free.

Whatever your beliefs, it would be difficult to deny that meditation is one of the most powerful tools, and whether you want financial abundance to better manage your bills or prosperity to live a more fulfilling life, using manifestation is one of the most viable ways to do this.

Money Meditation Method

Once you are ready to get on the path to success where money wealth is concerned, you can start the money meditation steps. Sit somewhere comfortable and where you will not be disturbed and prepare yourself to take part in this simple visualization exercise.

You might decide to sit in any cross-legged posture or in a chair, it doesn’t really matter, so long as you feel comfortable. Place your hands in your lap.

Now close your eyes and start to focus on your breathing. Don’t force the breath but allow it to happen naturally. Take three deeps, slowly and without holding the breath for any amount of time. Allow your body to relax and let all the tension ebb away.

You will need to access a Theta brain wave and this can be done by changing the eyes’ position. With the eyes closed, look up towards your third eye chakra, or the Ajna chakra at the point between the brows. Looking towards this point will allow you to access the place where dreams become a reality and will help you to manifest any object you try to manifest.

You should feel comfortable so if you begin to feel uncomfortable, be sure to take a break for a moment.

Now bring your awareness back to the breath and allow it to slow right down, let this happen naturally; it should take a few minutes. When you feel as though your body is completely relaxed and your mind is at peace, you can move on to the next step.

This exercise is a visualization so, to begin with, you should picture yourself already living a life of abundance; imagine that you have everything that you want; money being the main object. You should also picture more money and more wealth continually coming into your life, giving you everything you wish.

You can make this image even more intense by allowing yourself to feel the money, imagine the currency notes in your hands, smell the ink of the notes and allow yourself to become involved with the money with all of your senses.

If you want to manifest anything other than money, you can use this same technique. You might want to use the money meditation to manifest a car or a similar purchase. Think about opening the car door and getting inside, imagine the engine starting and how the steering wheel feels in your hand. The more real you can make it feel, the more power the money meditation will have. The law of attraction dictates that you can manifest anything, money, or anything your heart desires, all through positive thoughts and affirmations.

How To Make The Most Out Of Money Meditation

Doing a money meditation will help you to manifest money and wealth thanks to the law of attraction but this money won’t just fall into your life without you being willing to receive the money or the thing you are trying to manifest.

Take a look at these tips to get the best out of your money meditation.

  • Do the money meditation as often as possible. Once a day for around five minutes is excellent but if you can do it two or three times then this can help to manifest the money even more quickly.
  • Don’t hold back; believe that you have a right to abundance; you are someone who deserves this.
  • When you are doing the meditation, make sure that you visualize as intensely as you can. Imagine your life being exactly as you want it with as much money and happiness as you wish.


There are several different categories of meditation, all designed to do wonderful things. In this article, we have looked at how to bring money into your life and free yourself of the negative emotions associated with financial distress.

Whether you want a happier time at home and the ability to do more with your family or you are looking for success at work, money can be a massive help. Including this type of money meditation in your day to day routine will have miraculous results; try it and see for yourself.

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